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please advise me post ep

Posted by jeannie m on 7/03/05 at 17:07 (177759)

Doctor Please help. My dr is on vacation. I had epf surgery may 18th. My foot feels basically okay but i am having my old orthotic problems. I have the soft ones made sitting down stepping in foam. They were not really worn pre surgery but my doctor insists i wear them now. They feel pretty good in my sketcher shoes only. They are very high and wide in my running shoes. All i have worn is the schetchers but my therapist says i shouldn't just be wearing those.So This is day 3 trying them in the running shoes and my feet are killing me all over. Should i keep trying to break them in or go back to the sketchers. Do you think i should get another pair made for running shoes? The sketcher is wider and deeper than the new balance etc. The othotics are also very high. I appreciate your time and advise. The foot itself feels like it would begood without othotics in.By the way i have high arches.Thanks

Re: please advise me post ep

Ralph on 7/05/05 at 11:13 (177866)

When doctors go away they usually leave a partner or some other doctor in charge of their patients. They cover for each other. Don't think of yourself as a bother call the doc on call and tell him your problem. He may even want to see you and your orthotics.

I certainly wouldn't stay in pain or create more problems for myself until my doctor gets back on the 18th. Help is to be had, so go after it.