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Should I have TTS Surgery again?

Posted by Sue R. on 7/03/05 at 21:20 (177766)

I had tarsal tunnel surgery in March of 2003. I improved some, but now I am back to the same problems again...pain, swelling, numbness, etc. I can't walk on my treadmill because my ankle will swell up and hurt really bad. I have been through physical therapy twice, several rounds of cortisol injections, 3 pairs of orthodics, had my foot taped up several times, a deep ultrasound procedure. You name it, I've done it! The doctor thinks he will have to operate again. Should I take another chance?

Re: Should I have TTS Surgery again?

Suzt D on 7/04/05 at 10:07 (177790)

Your case sounds much like mine and my vote re TTS surgery again is a resounding NO. INHO, you are setting yourself up for even more problems and pain. I finally realized that I had to give up the Treadmill. Yes, I loved using it, too. But, it is not worth the pain any longer. I switched to gentle walking and swimming.I still have pain, but nothing compared to when I was doing the treadmill as well. Best of luck, and hope you stay away from more surgery. At the rate you are going you will be lucky if you can walk. Give it up. Just my suggestion, based on my experiences. Good luck. S