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Numbness in Back of Heel

Posted by Barbara L on 7/04/05 at 11:17 (177795)

Hi, I have been having numbness in the back of my heel for about 3 months now. No pain when I first get up in the morning but some pain during the day. It also hurts when I squat down and when I flex the foot. I have been to a specialist and he thinks I have Planter fasciitis but I don't think that is the problem. What do you think the pain is?

Re: Numbness in Back of Heel

Ron on 7/04/05 at 16:21 (177802)

Why would you discount your specialist's opinion so easily? Just because you don't have pain in the morning doesn't mean you have something other than PF.

If you don't trust your 'specialists' diagnosis then get a second opinion.
Is that a podiatrist you saw?

I assume a podiatrist can rule out something major, like a torn achillies tendon, with ease. Mine only felt my foot and ruled out severe problems.