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Diagnosed With a Heel Spur Today

Posted by Hoopa on 7/05/05 at 23:07 (177893)

I went to the Podiatrist today. I described exactly what I have been feeling with my heel pain. He immediately touched the affected area on the heel of my foot, on the lower right of the heel. This brought about an intense amount of pain. The doctor told me that he suspected a heel spur with Bursitis. He seemed to be using the terms Bursitis and Plantar Facilitis interchangeably as if they are the same issue. Does anyone know if Bursitis and Plantar Facilitis are the same thing?

The doctor took an xray of my foot which verified the heel spur. The doctor gave me a shot of Cortisone and a few weeks supply of Naprosyn. He told me to call him in a week to determine if I have had any relief from the pain with the shot. The doctor told me that if I don't have any relief then I would need a second shot of Corisone. He also discussed with me the possibility of using orthotics, if the Cortisone didn't work. He mentioned Orthotics as a possible form of therapy, as well as Sound Wave Therapy. If these forms of therapy do not give me any relief, then surgery is the last option.

Re: Diagnosed With a Heel Spur Today

Ralph on 7/06/05 at 08:38 (177909)

The best thing you can do for yourself is to read Scott's Heelpain Book which is available free on this site. It will give you a lot in insight
into the conditions you are dealing with especially the P.F.

It will also tell you about the use of Cortisone injections. You should also use the 'search' tab and plug in 'Cortisone injections', 'Orthotics'
and instead of Sound Wave Therapy, try 'ESWT' which is probably what he meant when he said sound wave therapy.

There you will be able to read posts on these topics from others and gain more information for yourself. It's good stuff to read.

Plantar Fasciitis and Bursitis are not the same condition, however, I believe it's possible to have both at the same time. Plantar Fasciitis of course would be located always in your feet, but Bursitis could be located in various parts of your body.

Since your doctor was examining your feet he is might also be confirming that you have bursitis somewhere in your foot.

Since you say that he is using both terms interchangeably you should ask him to clairfy for you the location of each condition. Find out where it's located. One might cause the other or they could be completely nonrelated. Get your questions answered.

There is a wealth of information in Scott's book. You need to arm yourself with it so when you go back to your doctor you'll have good questions to ask him, you will understand your condition better and have a better idea of what treatment's are available to you.

There are no magic bullets to cure P.F. At best it takes a lot of patience, time and some trial and error of various treatments to clear up this condition. I wish you the best of luck and please don't short change yourself. Read Scott's book. It's really worth the time spent.

Re: Diagnosed With a Heel Spur Today

Hoopa on 7/06/05 at 23:57 (177986)

Hi Ralph:

Yes. I thought the doctor was using the terms Bursitis and Plantar Facilitis interchangeable. When I described the pain in the heel of my foot, I didn't even have to tell him where the pain was. He examined my foot and put pressure on the lower right portion of the outer side of my heel. The result was an intense pain. He then touched along the part of the heel that is towards the center of my foot and stated that he also suspected Bursitis. He also examined along the other areas of my foot and explained to me how the Plantar ligament can get irritated. You are right. When I was talking to him I was actually nervous at the thought of being there, having him touch my sore foot and getting the injection. The right questions weren't coming fast enough. I have to call him this coming Friday to tell him if I have any relief. I will ask him then about the Bursitis and Plantar Facilitis.