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Space Bags

Posted by Kathy G on 7/06/05 at 15:02 (177929)

As I've often said, I am the biggest cynic on earth. I seldom fall for gimmicks and although I'd seen ads for space bags, I didn't believe for a minute that they work.

We're leaving for two weeks on the Cape early on Saturday morning, and I've started packing. Because of my OA, I find driving very difficult and this year, we're taking only one car so space is at a premium. My husband has been urging me to try Space Bags and reluctantly, I went and bought some at Costco.

I just put two twin quilts, two sets of sheets for twin beds, eight pillow cases and a set of queen size sheets into a bag and took out the air with a vacuum and the bag is about a quarter the size it would be if I put it in a green garbage bag, which is what I used to do.

I'm a believer! And I assure you, coming from me, that's a big deal! Now if they really can be reused as it claims, I can think of a multitude of uses for them. I am absolutely astounded that they work! And no, I'm not a share holder in the company!

Re: Space Bags

john h on 7/06/05 at 15:31 (177937)

I had been thinking about buying some of these Kathy so you have just taken me over the edge. I will order some. Storing sheets,pillows, bed spreads,etc really eat up the room. Wonder what would happen if we put scottr in one and sucked all the air out? What would be left? A big brain?

Re: Space Bags

Suzanne D. on 7/06/05 at 16:28 (177949)

Too bad my basement full of 'school stuff' can't be stored in such a way! Then it wouldn't be overflowing all my bookcases and shelves. :)

Seriously, I have heard of those space bags, and what Kathy has written has motivated me to get some, too!

Suzanne :)

Re: Space Bags

Kathy G on 7/06/05 at 19:14 (177965)

Actually, Suzanne, I went to the website, Space Bag.com, and it mentions storing baseball cards, pictures and newspapers in them so I wonder if they would work for your classroom supplies. I know how much you teachers accumulate and it's all very necessary.

I found out that my sister, who travels a great deal, has been using them for traveling for years. She says that everything you put in them comes out with absolutely no wrinkles. I was sure it would wrinkle everything. I should have listened to my husband but he just loves gadgets of all kinds and if I don't temper him, our cellar would be full of even more cast off gadgets than it already is!

By the way, she says they work very well for storing winter jackets and sweaters and that you don't have to wash them when you take them out. I store my winter clothes in a large plastic storage box and although I put them away clean, they always smell like the plastic.

I may have to buy more of them! Maybe I should buy stock in the company! :)

Re: Space Bags, continued!

Kathy G on 7/06/05 at 19:16 (177966)

Of course, I just realized that you probably don't have two wardrobes like we do here in NH!

Re: Space Bags, continued!

vince on 7/06/05 at 20:00 (177968)

Space Bags? I thought you were talking about very old lady astronauts.

Re: Space Bags

Suzanne D. on 7/06/05 at 21:03 (177981)

That's great that the things come out unwrinkled! I thought they would probably be wrinkled with being packed down so tightly. Another good reason to use them!

My 'school stuff' is in tubs and boxes, but so much of it is not flat things - stuffed animals to go with books and themes, etc. And I need to be able to get to it quickly and easily. I will have to read more about these space bags, for sure.

I know what you mean about that 'plastic smell'. And, yes, we also have two wardrobes. While some winters don't bring us much snow, we do have many days with freezing and below temperatures. And then in the summer it is very hot and humid for many weeks.

Thanks for all the information on the space bags!
Suzanne :)

Re: Space Bags

John H on 7/07/05 at 11:27 (178006)

I ordered my space bags yesterday.

Re: Space Bags

Leopold on 7/11/05 at 22:41 (178214)

I think space bags are great!! I have started storing my clothes that I can't wear anymore in them and they hold a ton!! I love them!! The only drawback is that they hold so much that they get very heavy so I can't lift them and they must be put under the bed!! But they are great and much better then cardboard storage boxes any day!!


Re: Space Bags

Carole C in NOLA on 7/12/05 at 22:53 (178282)

I saw these at Academy Sports & Outdoors last weekend, and thought of this thread! I didn't realize that they are available here, since we don't have Costco.

Carole C