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Elyse B.

Posted by Walkingirl on 7/06/05 at 15:12 (177930)

Elyse B.

I am not tied in anyway with this board. I am a pf sufferer only (not a doctor or tied to any ESWT company). I think you have taken a few innocent statements and turned it into way too much. I am surprised that the doctors on this board even give you the time of day. I think they have been very considerate...way beyond the call of duty.

If you will search this site, you will find plenty of people who have posted their personal ESWT experience...good and bad.

I am currently posting my experience. Search Re: Documenting My ESWT Beginning 04-28-05. You will find references in there to other people who have posted their experiences. I haven't posted in awhile, but I will soon. Search Connie H., Holly, Lori S. and others. They all had ESWT and have come to this board to document their progress, to recieve encouragement and to give encouragement (which is a gift both ways).

Some people have posted that ESWT didn't help them. Most of them, I think, posted their conclusion too soon. Some people it can take a year to finally say, 'I am 98% better', etc.

I am not 100% better, but I am better with ups and downs, and that is a whole lot better than down all the time. I still have faith.

Good luck to you.

Re: Elyse B.

NickP. on 7/06/05 at 15:34 (177945)

I discovered a natural supplement called XANGO which is made from the mangosteen fruit. I have Inflamation in my heals (plantar facitiss) and had trouble everyday getting out of bed to walk. I was taking vioxx everyday and even had a couple of cortizone shots and even then, I still had days with pain. I started taking XANGO and within 10 days, I was and still am pain free. I believe in the product so much, I am a distributor. Check out my website http://www.np.natureswellnesssecret.com or email my at (email removed) with any questions. I know first hand what type of pain everyone is dealing with. Wouldn't you want a natural alternative to offset the pain? I do and am taking that approach right now.

Re: Elyse B.

vince on 7/06/05 at 20:13 (177974)

Advertising a busines is not appropriate for this site especially one that is a mutil-level marketing scheme AKA as a Pyramid Scheme. We all know how fraudulent Pyramid Schemes are and I believe that they are probably illegal in a lot of jurisdictions. Typical of this type of suspect business venture is a supposed user who says that they used the product and it was so wonderful that they had to sell it to everybody.
Look at the testimonials on the web site- You can almost smell the dishonesty about the business coming through your monitor

I have a better idea than buying XANGO- Why doesn't you send me $1000 and I'll send the first 500 people who do that a beautiful thank you card from Tahiti.

Re: Elyse B.

vince on 7/06/05 at 20:24 (177975)

In addition the FDA took action against Mangosteen products in 2002 and 2004. I believe it was due to production under unsanitary conditions.

Re: Elyse B.

vince on 7/06/05 at 20:31 (177978)

Read the article at this site. Selling Xango is called network marketing- a scheme hiding as Multi_level marketing.

Over priced fruit juice of no proven medical value whatsoever


Re: Elyse B.

connie on 7/06/05 at 21:02 (177980)

it has been 3 weeks and if i am sitting my foot does not hurt, but if i am standing my foot starts to ache. i am on my feet because i am a flight attendant. is this normal?it never ached before.


Ed Davis, DPM on 7/07/05 at 15:51 (178017)

Gosh, there goes my chance to get vince in my downline at Amway :).


Liboralis on 7/09/05 at 16:00 (178102)

I rubbed the flower of a dandelion flower on my heel and I jumped up and did a marathon. Afterwards I lost 20 pounds and maintained an erection for 38 hours. I also grew hair back in 48 hours. Please let me know if you want in on this exciting dandelion extract only available in my backyard