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need some moral support!

Posted by messed up foot on 7/06/05 at 18:02 (177957)

I am getting close to the next two surgeries (for a total of 4 on the same foot in 10 months). The peroneal tendon repair in Dec was a great relief, the partial plantar fasciectomy and tarsal tunnel release in Feb were painful but I turned the pain corner in June and actually feel almost back to normal (in hard orthotics). I tossed that gawd awful night splint into the dark recesses of my closet and even my lymphedema is much better. If the painful numbness and nerve jolts would go away, I'd say that my foot was at 100% -ok, except for the unscheduled inversions and the inability to stand on tiptoes or walk very well on hills or stairs. I live on the Great Plains - who cares about hills!

So now that I feel better, it is time to fix the lateral ligaments and face another 4 weeks in a cast. Posterior tibial tendon repair follows with an unknown amount of time in a cast with NWB again. Gotta love those dang crutches! No other option on the ligaments as my PT even says that he's never seen such loose ligaments (finally, I'm a loose woman!). Nothing like an ankle brace in 90+ degree weather! The ligament repair doesn't creep my out at all. It's obvious that I need it.

Have any of you had the PTT repair? I've researched it and it is frighteningly gruesome looking. Compared to the other surgeries, how does this one rate for pain? How long in a cast? Surgeon told me that he won't know exactly what needs to be done until he sees it but he mentioned a calcaneal osteotomy and tendon transfer. I don't like the idea of going to sleep without knowing. What happens to the toes that lose the tendon?

The thought of weeks on my butt again doing nothing would be depressing but thank God, at least I don't suffer from depression too! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: need some moral support!

Theresa on 7/11/05 at 16:09 (178181)

I know how you feel I am scheduled for Baxter's Nerve Entrapment Surgery with 3 weeks in a cast and 6 weeks in a walking cast. I feel isolated already from this lifestyle of pain. Feel free to email me at (email removed)