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Let's all hope that Julie and everyone we know is all right

Posted by Kathy G on 7/07/05 at 08:50 (177995)

Another terrorist attack on a city - at rush hour. I pray that Julie and her husband are all right. What are we coming to? They're telling us to be 'vigilant.' How are we supposed to recognize the enemy when we don't know who they are?

I won't get off on anything construed as political so I'll just say thatI had so hoped my children would live in a world of relative peace and it surely isn't going to happen. I'll be thinking of the people in London and hope that none of you had anyone over there at this time.

Re: Let's all hope that Julie and everyone we know is all right

Suzanne D. on 7/07/05 at 08:52 (177997)

I logged on just now, Kathy, to say very much the same thing as you just posted.

My thoughts and prayers are with Julie and her husband as well as all the citizens of London.

I sent Julie an e-mail this morning. When I hear from her, I will post to let everyone know that she is alright. If any of you hear from her before I do, I hope you will do the same.


Re: Julie

wendyn on 7/07/05 at 10:18 (178000)

I was hoping she would have posted here to tell us she's okay. I don't have her email at work.

I can look up her phone number on the web. I may call her later today if she doesn't post.

Re: Julie

Kathy G on 7/07/05 at 10:26 (178001)

I got an email from her and she and Klaus are fine!

Re: Julie

marie on 7/07/05 at 12:01 (178007)

This is so frightening. My prayers are with London.

Re: Julie

vince on 7/07/05 at 12:13 (178008)

We all know who commits these cowardly acts and they will continue until these animals are elimated fom our world. Their beliefs are counter to normal morality and therefore, like any diseased animal, they must be eliminated. We don't just rid ourselves of mosquitos that carry West Nile Virus, we kill all the mosquitos. All snakes are to be considered poisonous and all dogs rabid until proven otherwise and if ther is any doubt they are eliminated. These people are almost always from certain areas of the world. Therefore, any of them who came into this country recently legaly or not should be suspect and quarantined until they can prove that they do not have intentions to harm us. I for one will call the authorities each and every time I see one of these 'people' on a public convience or in a public place with a suit case, back pack etc. Let the police sort it out. I am well within my rights as the authoritie are calling for all of us to do this.
We need to have a national ID card with our picture, retinal scan, citizen status etc and I would carry it proudly. I have nothing to hide and I suspect those who oppose this of anti-american intent. Being acitizen of this country is not a right but a privelage that has to be continualy earned by protecting this country. And it is not earned by supporting policy that weakens our nation.

Re: Julie

Suzanne D. on 7/07/05 at 13:01 (178010)

Oh, good, Kathy. Thanks for letting us know!

Suzanne :)

Re: Julie

Ralph on 7/07/05 at 15:22 (178014)

The thing that makes me sick is that a group or individual comes out proudly and is eager to announce they were responsible for the killing of innocent people like it's a badge of courage.

Additionally I'm sick and tired of American Statesmen and women selling American short. If they think it's better to live in Iraq or elsewhere, that the people in other countries are better citizens then they should go there and be grateful that they left America. I'm tired of open borders that could and should be closed.

I think Americans have to decide do they want our country protected to save lives here or do they want to continue being politically correct saps so politicians win votes.

I will never apologize to anyone for being an American.

Re: Julie

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/07/05 at 15:48 (178015)

I could not agree with you more (although we are not permitted to discuss politics on this site -- I told you that I go back a way). I think I got to this site a bit before 9-11.

By the way, where is Julie -- have not heard from her for a while?

Re: Let's all hope that Julie and everyone we know is all right

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/07/05 at 15:50 (178016)

I tried emailing her but for some reason, the emails were returned as 'recipient unknown.'

Re: Let's all hope that Julie and everyone we know is all right

Suzanne D. on 7/07/05 at 17:39 (178021)

I have found through the years that Julie can always receive my e-mails, but I don't get her replies if they are sent to my e-mail which I use at school. I can get personal e-mails on that account, but Julie's never arrive at that address. I can receive them from her at our home account.

We have a proxy on the school server to try to filter out all the 'bad stuff' (which works most of the time), but unfortunately, it seems to filter out e-mail from a foreign country. That is the only explanation I can get for not being able to get her e-mails.

I did receive an e-mail from her here at home this afternoon. It is a relief to know that she and her husband are alright.

Suzanne :)

Re: Let's all hope that Julie and everyone we know is all right

john h on 7/07/05 at 21:42 (178029)

I have two email addresses Suzanne. One at home and one at work. I generally always receive Julie's emails at home but sometimes at work they get lost in cyberspace.

Re: Julie

john h on 7/07/05 at 21:45 (178030)

oooooora Vince as they would say in the corps.

Re: You can post a message for GB here.........

marie on 7/07/05 at 23:17 (178036)


Re: Let's all hope that Julie and everyone we know is all right

Necee on 7/08/05 at 00:09 (178041)

Like most of you here, my thoughts and prayers go out to those in London. I'm relieved to know that Julie and her husband are ok.
What a sad, sad, situation this world is in.
God bless us all.


Re: You can post a message for GB here.........

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/08/05 at 12:16 (178055)

Suzanne, Marie and John:
Good to hear about Julie.

I also have two emails -- one for general use, (email removed) which is filled with spam and one on the system, http://www.webmail.us which has incredible spam and virus filters and use that for business only.