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Alternative Medications

Posted by Orfie on 7/07/05 at 22:15 (178031)

I had heel spur surgery ten weeks ago. I have a lot of pain on toes and the ball of my foot. I did some research to try some alternative treatments and I came across Arnica. I bought arnica cream and pills. I tried it today, I hope I will feel some relief. Has anyone tried using arnica? If so, has it worked for you or what else have you tried that helps with the pain?

Re: Alternative Medications

Tina H on 7/10/05 at 13:26 (178134)

Orfie- Arnica has long been a mainstay in European homes, and schools where it is used primarily for minimizing bruising due to bumps and falls of school children and adults for that matter. Every school teacher in France has a tube of this in their desk. It works best to prevent burising if applied immediately. One does not apply it to open wounds or cuts. I'm not sure it will do much for the severe pain of pf. I've taken the pills before as a preventive measure for skiing to prevent soreness after and it does seem to help. In the US Bayer corp makes a product called 'Dermal Therapy' foot cream that contains arnica. I find it very soothing for sore feet. It also contains eucualyptus so it's very refreshing. Good Luck and let us know if the arnica works. Tina

Re: Alternative Medications

Martin on 7/11/05 at 07:26 (178161)

Hi Orfie,

I've used arnica many times. It hasn't done much for my feet, because I now realise my heel pian is caused by nerve problems rather than inflammation. However, it helped loads when I fell off my bike and badly bruised my hand. Give it a try...

However, I would say that homeopathy works best when you see see a trained homeopath who prescribes a medecine specially for you and your constitution. It's a different mind-set to the orthodox medecine one-pill-works-for-all approach... homeopathy looks at the whole person, both body and mind, and prescribes accordingly.

Arnica is usually a first-aid option. But you may want to think about seeing a trained homeopath is you want to go down this route.

Best of luck to you.