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How can I exercise when it hurts so much?

Posted by KimberlyinNC on 7/08/05 at 12:00 (178052)

I have been through the terrible injections, the inserts in the shoes. The heel pain keeps returning. I am only 42 yrs old. It concerns me that it used to work for a year and now the pain comes back after only a month. I had 2 injections in the past 6 weeks. I want to walk so I can lose 20 lbs but the heel pain is so bad, yet they say it helps to lose weight. What do you all suggest? I am sick of not being able to walk hardly at all, am considering use of wheel chair when its really bad, and I dont want to do this at this point in my life.

Re: How can I exercise when it hurts so much?

Amanda on 7/08/05 at 12:08 (178054)

Hi Kimberly, I feel for you, I only swim for exercise now but I used to run, bike, lift weights, and I miss it so much. I am only 24! If you have access to a pool, swimming is great, but I have also heard that there are seated exercise videos for people who are disabled or can't do other things, I think Richard Simmons did one? Try looking at http://www.collagevideo.com , I used to order from them and it's a good site.

Re: How can I exercise when it hurts so much?

DavidW on 7/08/05 at 16:16 (178069)

KimberlyinNC, rowing may be an option for you. I have been able to use my rowing machine without causing any additional pain to my feet. I am lucky that I have one, and I can get a fairly good workout. Weightlifting is also good as long as the excercises are done seated. Weightlifting can provide a great arobic workout as well by doing lots of sets rather quickly with little rest in between. If nothing else, it will make you feel active and alive again. Everything else I have tried leads to further pain.

Best of luck...