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could it be?

Posted by Brian on 7/08/05 at 14:47 (178067)

so i was a runner triathlete. pain started in my popliteal muscle and radiated down to the heel. last ride was may 31, havent ran since march 6 cus of another injury. i dont have the horrible pains and inability to walk like most of you people, i weep for you dearly, but i have odd snesations in my feet, and not horrible tingling or burning pain. Nuero. said i could have bruised my nerve, but i just dont know. all my symptons lead to a light cause of tarsal tunnel. have any of you experienced something like thjis and had it resolved with conservative treatment and time.

Re: could it be?

lara on 7/09/05 at 14:26 (178097)

I don't have symptoms like you do, so it's hard to say. My primary symptom was/is burning feet, which I wouldn't call pain, I'd call it discomfort, but at it's very worst (which it hasn't been for years) did have me crawling on the floor.

Depends on what you mean by 'resolved'. I have heard of Tarsal Tunnel syndrome responding to conservative treatment - which includes changed/reduced expectations of what the feet can handle (jogging would not be on the list of activities, biking might me, swimming possibly depending on the stroke). I haven't heard of tarsal tunnel being cured, except by surgery, only in some circumstances (I think generally if there is a known mass to be removed, but others can probably speak to this better). Surgery sometimes cures, sometimes helps (most often), sometimes helps for awhile (not infrequently), and sometimes makes things worse (not likely, but happens often enough that most of us suggest surgery as a last resort just because of this). Surgery on the feet (actually, anything below the knee) is more problematic because of the reduced blood flow (compared to other parts of the body) because of distance from the heart. There are more complications than other places on the body (as a general rule of thumb, there are lots of complicated surgeries elsewhere on the body).

P.S. I'm not sure it's accurate that most of us have devastating stories and inability to walk. Some of us do, and our hearts go out to them. Many of us have come to a compromise with our feet and found a workable life.

Re: could it be?

Robert M. on 7/15/05 at 17:47 (178487)

Hey man,
Same boat as you, just alot farther along, & I did it the WRONG way....Get orthotics custom made, now, if not sooner....Ice morning and night(10 min. per session)....a product called CT cream has helped me....an antinflamitory supplement such as boswellia is a good idea...Try to cut out processed carbs, and sugars if possible. BUT, most of all, CHILL OUT, NO Running, NO biking, & NO swimming, until you are pain free for at least 2 months....be careful stretching too much as well, that doesn't really help that much, and can aggrevate your condition....If you do not discontinue ALL workout activities for a while, I can PROMISE you, you WILL be sorry....tough to hear, but true....there it is...develop your sense of humor, you are gonna need it....You DON'T want to go down the road alot of us are going down, RELAX, & let it heal...Good Luck.