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heel spur removal

Posted by nita on 7/08/05 at 16:44 (178070)

On June 23rd I had PF surgery with heel spur removal. It has now been 15 days. I went to my Dr. on Thursday for my 2 week check-up and got my stitches out. He told my that I could start to put weight on my foot now but still wear the boot. Well, that is where the problem is. Either I am afraid of putting too much weight on my foot or I am not able to walk on it at all. I wanted off the crutches so much that I thought I was going to walk out of the Dr's. office. Well, I walked out on my crutches again. I am getting depressed because I am not walking yet. I want to walk so badly without the crutches but can't and now I am afraid that I will not walk. He told me to let my foot tell me what it can and can't do. My question is....Is it normal for me to be feeling like this? I want to get back to cleaning my house, taking care of my family, etc. I don't like being taken care of. I am usually the one taking care of someone else. When I put weight on my foot (with crutches) it feels like I have pins and needles going through it. HELP!!

Re: heel spur removal

Dr. Z on 7/08/05 at 19:18 (178075)

Some patients can't place weight on their surgical foot without pain. Heel spur surgery takes time. It can take months for your foot to start to feel better. Talk to your doctor about how you feel. If he told you can place weight on your foot then start very slowly and increase each day.

Re: heel spur removal

nita on 7/09/05 at 11:18 (178093)

Is it normal for my heel to hurt so badly everytime I try to put weight on it? I have tried for several days now and everytime I do, I get this horrible pain in my heel by my arch.

Re: heel spur removal

Orfie on 7/09/05 at 20:29 (178111)

I had PF surgery two months ago and I could not put any weight on it for maybe five weeks. I used crutches then I used a cane. I stil have pain in other parts of my foot, especially on the top of the foot and toes. My heel pain went away except that it feels numb at times. I have to wear gym shoes with orthotics and I cannot walk bare foot anymore. I've been told that the pains we feel are normal and it will take a very long time for it to heel. Continue to strectch if you can and ice massage it.
So hang in there, I feel your pain.
I can't wait to feel 100% again. Stay in touch.

Re: heel spur removal

jeannie m on 7/10/05 at 00:51 (178118)

I had no weight on crutches (my foot did not touch the ground)for a week while in a boot. Then i was in a boot with crutches for another 2 and a half weeks while gradually putting weight down but it had a soft orthodic in it which sort of took a lot of pressure off the heel. Then i went to shoe with soft orthodics a few hours at a time for a few days until i dropped the boot at about week 4. I never thought i would be able to put pressure on my heel again as it felt so fragile , painful and strange inside but it will stop feeling that way. Now i can put complete weight on it fine but my problem is i can't get used to wearing orthodics. I had epf surgery may 18th and i am in therapy but my feet have a long way to go but i can do things around the house fine and hopefully you will soon too.

Re: heel spur removal

nita on 7/10/05 at 06:57 (178121)

Thanks for all your comments. I can't wait to get better. Everybody keeps telling me 'It's only been 2 1/2 weeks' and I am saying 'Good grief, it been 2 1/2 weeks, when is it going to get better'. My dr has never said anything about physical therapy. Is it something that you started right away or do they wait? I don't go back until the 20th and by then it will be 4 weeks. My biggest worry is that I feel like I will never walk normal again.

Re: heel spur removal

Dr. Z on 7/10/05 at 20:29 (178148)

Pf surgery can and does take time to heel. You should call you doctor now and discuss your feelings about your progress. It is impossible to determine if in YOUR case all is well without an examination. Remember that six months plus is the normal of pf release surgery to feel better

Re: heel spur removal

jeannie m on 7/14/05 at 13:43 (178414)

I started therapy about 5 weeks post op and i hear it is important. My doctor says it can take 9 months before yu can be better. Right now i can do everything but i am still in pain so....I do have a little scar tissue pocket which he said therapy and time should help disolve it. Do you wear orthotics? They hurt my feet. I hope we both come out of this!!!