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recovery time

Posted by lisa h on 7/10/05 at 08:50 (178123)

I had surgery in january 2005 and I still have pain on the outside of my foot and now im begining to have pain in the heal again.Does this mean the surgery was not a sucess or am I still healing?Iim on my feet alot at work but rest when im home.I just want some info from other patients.

Re: recovery time

Ralph on 7/10/05 at 11:20 (178125)

I'm not a doctor, but I suggest you read about 'lateral column syndrome' on the internet and on this site by using Scott's 'Search' tab and of course make a return trip to see your doctor. Others have posted before you about similar pain. It seems to be a very common complication or maybe a better word would be occurrence following P.F. surgery.

A quick internet search brought up this page which I think provides a good informaion. http://www.mmhc.com/podtd/displayArticle.cfm?articleID=article3691 There is probably a lot more material on the subject available depending on how much you want to read.

Re: recovery time

Leopold on 7/11/05 at 22:45 (178216)

I have heard the recovery period is 6-12 mos. I had surgery 10 months ago and I am better but still dealing with some pain.