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Advice on Orthotics

Posted by Martin on 7/11/05 at 08:20 (178162)

Hi again,

I've explained in my last message that my heel pain has finally been diagnosed as neuropathic pain. I used to use custom made orthotics, but my gait changed and they no longer provide any help.

The ONE thing that really helps me is a pair of 'Okabashi sandals' someone brought me back from America (I'm in the UK). They're cheap, rubber sandals with a heel cup and low arch support that for some reason is just perfect for my feet and reduces the pain 80%. The only problem is that Okabashi don't make orthotics which I could slip in my shoes. Consequently, hot sunny days are good for me because I can wear my sandals, but cold rainy days (of which there are many in the UK!) are painful days!

Can anyone suggest and good orthotics with a heel cup I could slip in a pair of shoes? I find Birkenstock too hard.

Many thanks,


Re: Advice on Orthotics

Ron m on 7/12/05 at 21:07 (178277)

http://www.Superfeet.com These may help ya i wear the lime green ones.

Re: Advice on Orthotics

Norm W on 7/18/05 at 21:32 (178589)

Hi Martin, I've had PF for 2 years and have had cortisone shots which
didn't help. I tried the superfeet Greenies,they didn't help either.
Several weeks ago I googled Plantar faciitis and come up with a web site
in Ca. http://www.HEAL-THAT-PAIN.com . They invented and perfected what they call
HTP Heel Seats. they are only 25 dollars a pair. I've been using them
for 21 days now and the pain in my left heel has subsided substancially.
They said it may take 4 weeks to see results so I'm optamistic.I also
wear a night splint while sleeping which seems to help. I don't have the
intense sharp pain when I get up in the morning. If the heel seats does
the trick,I'm going to order a few more pair. Good luck, Norm