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Advice on Orthotics

Posted by Martin on 7/11/05 at 12:54 (178168)

Hi all,

After years of suffering, my heel pain has finally been diagnosed as neuropathic pain i.e. there's no inflammation or indeed any damage to the tissues, I'm just overly sensitized to pain. I used to use custom made orthotics, but my gait changed and they no longer provide any help.

The ONE thing that really helps me is a pair of 'Okabashi sandals' someone brought me back from America (I'm in the UK). They're cheap, rubber sandals with a heel cup and low arch support that for some reason is just perfect for my feet and reduces the pain 80%. The only problem is that Okabashi don't make orthotics which I could slip in my shoes. Consequently, hot sunny days are good for me because I can wear my sandals, but cold rainy days (of which there are many in the UK!) are painful days!

Can anyone suggest and good orthotics with a heel cup I could slip in a pair of shoes? I find Birkenstock too hard.

Many thanks,


Re: Advice on Orthotics

chase on 7/24/05 at 21:36 (179008)

hi all, don't waste your money on high dollar orthotics, go to walkfit.com and pay $19.96 plus shipping and handling. these are better than the 300 or 400 at the doctors office. sorry doctors i have spent a lot of money on orthotics and these are just as good.