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Orthotic Update

Posted by elvis on 7/11/05 at 18:22 (178199)

I went back to my podiatrist today and he took some more stuff off the bottom of my rigid orthotic. He said I probably needed a litte bit more room for pronation. The past couple of weeks I was experiencing ankle pain and pain around the ankle bone going up into the lower portion of my leg. This pain started almost immediately after putting on my Asics with the orthotics in them. Actually my feet feel the best with my Ecco sandals on. I have also been getting pains in my metatarsal area radiating from underneath the ankle on the lateral side and going up onto the top of my foot in the 3rd metatrasal region. Actaully the pain in the metarsal area has been getting much worse lately and masking the pain in the heel. The heel pain seems to be subsiding but it is still slightly sensitive to a finger probe of the heel. He still has hopes of getting me back on my feet with just the orthotics so that I can do the things that I normally do......which for me is running marathons. He asked be to take naproxyn twice a day (444mg) for a week to see if it helps with the metatarsal pain.

We talked about ESWT but I'm gonna try the new setting on the orthotic, weight loss and naproxyn first. As much as the orthotic hurt after putting it on lately my foot imediately felt 'relieved' by the new orthotic setting. I'm still doing stretching and electric messager. For what it's worth I asked him what his success rate was on the ESWT and he said about 80%. He uses an off-label protocol with the Sonocur machine and gradually sets the dial up increasing the energy whihc by the edn of the procedure administers as much or more than the Ossatron.....all without anesthesia of any sort. I asked him what success meant to him and he said that it is when people can resume pre-PF activities and stop having to see him. I don't know how well, or even if, he follows up with his ESWT patients.

He also said that he helped develop a protocol for a new FDA trial on APC (autologous platelet concentrate) that he thinks will be done in San Diego soon. He said that that was a possibility down the road too. He said that APC is more apt to be used in the areas of the foot that have more blood vessls, nerves and other structures that you normally wouldn't want to hit with ESWT, ie, like the arch area.

So far so good. I'll do a 1.5 mile walk tonight and see what happens.

Re: Orthotic Update

Elyse B on 7/11/05 at 20:19 (178210)

Elvis, just a thought, have you always worn Asics? Were you wearing them before the orthotics? For years since I started running I was wearing Brooks Glycerin and then I got PF. After trying soft orthotics, (none of the podiatrists prescribed hard ones)(have you ever tried soft ones) they felt awful in the Brooks sneakers. In the last year I have tried at least 4 different brands of sneakers and have finally ended up with the Mizuno Creations which are a cushioned sneaker. (The last podiatrist had me try the NuBalane 991's I believe and my ankles killed me in them and I felt like I was getting shin splints). I like the Mizunos the best because for me with an extremely rigid foot and a medium to high arch it works. I am not wearing orthotics at all.

There is hope. I have started marathon training for the 2005 NYC Marathon. I doubt I will get to it because I still have foot pain after 5-6 miles but I will take what I can get after a year and a half of PF. I will settle and be happy with doing half marathons because of my feet.

Hope your walk went well.

Re: Orthotic Update

elvis on 7/12/05 at 02:56 (178221)

I currently have Asics Landreth and before that I had a different Asics. Before that I usually had Nike's. I get my shoes from a specialty running store and since I have orthotics they have always put me in a neutral cushioned shoe. They always look at my gait and I pretty much buy the one that feels best from their recommendation. I can't keep up with the darned shoes. Too many choices!! :-)

I had a pair of New Balance a few years ago that made my left foot go numb every time I put them on. I couldn't even walk in them. I donated them to charity. I didn;t get my walk in tonight but I tell you what my feet haven't felt this good for quite some time. I'm going to bed now and when I took my shoes off it almost felt like I didn't have pf. I ust be dreaming. I'll take my 2 Alleve's and then wait for th morning pain. What a difference a millimeter or two makes.

My daughter is moving to NY and my wife is there right now getting her moved into an apartment on the Upper East side. What running clubs are there for young women? I started out marathoning with Team In Training. I'm sure they have a NYC chapter. I had her and me signed up for the Marine Corp marathon last Fall but I couldn't make it because of my PF. Next year I will have an excuse to run the NYC marathon.

Re: Orthotic Update

Elyse B on 7/12/05 at 05:34 (178224)

Funny you should mention donating sneakers to charity. I just brought over 5 pairs of sneakers to a running shoe that I bought with this PF debacle to a running store that sends used or not used in my case to Africa for kids.

I am glad that your feet are doing better. Can I ask why you are in hard orthotics? As I was dealing with this orthotic thing from the podiatrists, I asked my team members to show me their orthotics (for those who wore them) and they were to a fault, all soft. So I am really curious why you are wearing hard. I too had my gait analyzed and funny thing, guess what, I have a neutral gait and the person who did the gait analysis was wondering why I would need the orthotics in the first place. Go figure.

As for running teams, there are TONS. New York Road Runner(www.nyrr.org) rs races every single weekend and of course the Marathon. I would suggest the New York Flyers and I believe they have a website, You can find it if you go to New York Road Runners website and scroll down to local teams. They have a huge coed team of runners of all ages and they are very social and would be a nice team for your daughter to meet new people. There is a huge Team In Training group here both doing marathons and triathalons. You see them every weekend in the park as they train all year for different marathons all over.

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Will she be near Central Park?
Hey you need to get into the Marathon by lottery so you could or could not get in. I know a lot of people were rejected this year so it is not easy.

You can have my entry as I am sure I won't be using it this year or next. I highly doubt that I will get my feet pain to a level zero but I can live with this and I absolutely refuse to spend another dime on it.

Keep us posted.

Re: Orthotic Update

elvis on 7/12/05 at 09:44 (178238)

I have hard orthotics because the softer ones apparently were not doing their job in preventing overpronation. It may have something to do with my weight which is 25 lbs more than when I was running. I haven't run in 18 months. If I get this under control then my goal would be NY 06. I could never get ready for NY 05. I may take you up on the entry. I assume it's OK to transfer your entry. I don't want to run as a girl! My daughter is at 72nd between 2nd and 3rd. I guess that's a couple of blocks from the park. She just got her RN degree from Georgetown and will be working at Sloan Kettering Hospital. The last time I was in NY was in 1991 and it was pretty ugly. I haven't seen the new transformed NY but everyone tells me it is nothing like the 'old' days.

Re: Orthotic Update

Elyse B on 7/12/05 at 09:55 (178239)

Thanks for the details on the orthotics. 18 months that sure is a long time. I was out for a while but started to run as I have said before, because when I stopped running did not make the PF go away and running did not make the PF any worse. Mine always has been pretty much the same pain level throughout.

I could barely tolerate the soft orthotics as every time it hit my arch, it hurt so there is no way I could wear hard ones.

It is definitely NOT okay to transfer my entry, was only teasing. I could get thrown out of my club and the NYRR for doing it and banned from all racing. Mind you I am not a great runner, I started running when I turned 50 and have now been running for two years but have done a million races and 5 half marathons. I am pretty much of a penguin and a back of the packer but I don't care it is getting to the finish line that matters to me.

Wow Sloan Kettering, great hospital. I will be there tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM, what department will she be in?

72nd Street between 2nd and 3rd is not far from the Park, about 5 or six long blocks.

NYC is definitely not ugly any longer. It is clean and relatively safe though it is not California. Seems like you will now have an 'excuse' to come and visit our fair city.

Re: Orthotic Update

elvis on 7/12/05 at 12:08 (178246)

By 'hard orthotic' I mean a rigid plastic molded orthotic but it does have a pad glued over the top of it. If you put it in on a table and press down hard there is no give. It is actually quite comfortable to wear but it's the longer term effects on other parts of my foot, ankle, lower leg (front and back) and even up to the hips that is the problem. It physically doesn't hurt or iritate my foot. My daughter will be working in the ambulatory care deptartment (don't know the official name). She described it as a 24/7 outpatient clinic for the cancer patients to go to instead of having them go to a regular ER. She'll be working the noon to midnight shift. She started yesterday so she is in orientation for a while. I'm not a great runner either. My first marathon was at age 49. Two years and 8 marathons later (2001-2003) I got grounded with pf. Should've known better I guess but I feel really good when I'm running 25-35 miles/week. The Team In Training group is a great organization but it does become cult like and fund raising gets old.

Re: Orthotic Update

Elyse B on 7/12/05 at 12:29 (178247)

hey Elvis, why don't you write me off line if you wish so we don't bog up this board. (email removed)

Rigid was the term I was looknig for. I guess it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between rigid and soft. I wonder why the orthotic hurts the rest of your leg.

I never knew Sloan had an ambulatory clinic, good to know. She will get great experience there and will be able to write her own ticket afterwards.

I cannot BELIEVE you did 8 marathons in 2 years. Duh..... Most of my teammates run Marathons and one has just done her 40th and she turned 60. I run 4 days a week but don't pile on mileage. I am pretty sure marathons are not my thing. The thought of being out there for so many hours being a slowpoke is a bit of a turnoff. Half marathons make me nuts.

I would have a lot of trouble raising money for TNT and I am all for them especially since they raise money for a great, great cause.