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Posted by DavidW on 7/11/05 at 19:27 (178203)

Today I went to the Catskill Game Farm in Green county NY with my 3 year old and family. I strolled through the park for 4 hours looking at animals, playing and just having fun. I was very cautious and tried to sit often (just a bad habit after 3 years), but was actually on my feet a good portion of the time. Well, it was the first time I have been out and about for such a long time. Anyhow, I feel pretty good right now, just a little sore in the arches. It is amazing to be able to live normally. I have been encouraged by my LMT to 'push it' a little bit, hence my trip.

I have had 11 visits so far to the LMT in the last 6 weeks. After each visit I get just a little bit better, after a day or so of total soreness. 6 weeks ago my maximum uptime was around 15-30 minutes. So 4 hours of activity is almost miraculous for me!

For 11 visits I have been letting the LMT just do his thing with no questions from me (since I was a skeptic). I finally asked him what he thinks was wrong with me and why so many previous attempts at a cure have failed, including very similar attempts such as PT.

His reply was twofold. First, according to him, he had to get my circulation going. He states that I was totally blocked from the hips down, both my circulation as well as my lymph system. Second, he is attempting to stimulate bloodflow to my feet (and legs) with deep massage and promote my bodies own ability to heal itself. Sounds silly to me, but heck, it sure is working. He has also given me several simple excercises that help strenghthen all the small intrinsic muscles of the feet, which I do at least twice a day. All I know is that I am going to keep up with my visits to him until I am pain free or close to it!

Re: Update

HilaryG on 7/11/05 at 20:04 (178207)

David, Since you mentioned the Catskill Game Farm I'm curious as to where you live. I live in the Woodstock, NY area. Do you live nearby? Is your LMT in this area?

Re: DavidW's Update

LanL on 7/12/05 at 01:51 (178218)

Hi David,

Thanks for an update on your PF. I also suffer from PF for the past three years. I just got my first pair of custom orthotics. If I may ask how did you go about to find a LMT that could help you with PF? Is there a LMT who is specialized in PF or any LMT would know what to do? What questions should I asked a LMT so he/she would be able to help me? Any information on how to find a LMT with PF knowledge would be helpful. Thank you in advance for any information that you could provide

Re: Update

DavidW on 7/12/05 at 07:27 (178225)

HilaryG, I live in Putnam county. The LMT I am seeing is in Ridgefield, CT. He is approximately 20 minutes from the intersection of I684 and I84 in Brewster NY. I would say from you, 1.5 hours easy.

Re: DavidW's Update

DavidW on 7/12/05 at 07:35 (178226)

LanL, My sister has recently become an LMT and has opened a wellness center with several others including the man I am seeing. She recommended him and I spoke with him several times concerning the pain I was having. He stated with confidence that he could assist, but did not really describe how or why. I was not going to see him because I have faith in the medical system (not sure why, since for 3 years no one has helped), but he agreed to see me for 5 sessions no charge, so I kind of had to go. Boy am I glad I did. He does admit, though, that he has not treated many patients with PF.

If I had to pick an LMT, I guess I would simply inquire as to their experience with treating PF and or really just with treating pain in general. Many LMT's are more for overall health, meditation, relaxation etc. I think you need someone with more pain management experience. I guess you could ask about some of the therapies discussed on this site like ART or TFM, just to get a feel for the LMT's experience.

Re: Update

Daria on 7/12/05 at 08:31 (178230)

David W: I would be interested in seeing your LMT - I have a pretty resistant case of typical PF. I live in Westchester and it would not be too long a drive to Ridgefield CT. How many treatments before you felt better? Could you please provide the name and contact info. Thanks.

Re: Update

HilaryG on 7/12/05 at 08:41 (178233)

David. Thanks for the info. That's a bit far for me. I'm doing pretty well with ART. I just thought if your person was nearby i'd give him a try. But i appreciate your response. And i wish you continued recovery. Hilary

Re: Update

Kay on 7/12/05 at 09:43 (178237)

David, are you able to explain the exercises he has given you to do for your feet?

Re: Update

DavidW on 7/12/05 at 16:10 (178254)

Kay, three simple excersises as follows:
1) Stand straight up with feet shoulder width apart, knees very slightly bent. Keeping the body as straight as possible with no bending in the middle, rock slowly to the left side until the left foot bears almost all your weight. Do not lift the right foot. Then rock to the right side until the right foot bears almost all your weight (and don't lift the left foot). Repeat 10 times. Smooth and slow so that each foot feels the pressure of keeping the body upright.
2) Same position as above, except rock slowly forward and then back. When rocking forward, there is pretty good pressure applied to the toes in order to keep the body from tipping.
3) Bring the feet closer together, say 8 inches apart. Standing straight again, knees slightly bent, no bending in the body. Rotate slowly to the left making circles as if drawing a big circle on the ceiling with your head. As you rotate circularly, weight will move from the outside left foot to the front left foot, then front right foot, then outside right foot. Rotate 10 times, then switch and rotate the other way.

Pretty simple I think.
He has also suggested that I begin a walking plan, starting slow and increasing slowly. I have done 3 weeks, .25 miles twice a week, then 2 weeks, .5 miles twice a week and the last 2 weeks I have walked a mile. I'm gonna keep going until I can walk for a steady hour without symptoms!

Re: Update

DavidW on 7/12/05 at 16:16 (178255)

Daria, I felt 'different' after just two sessions. I still had pain, but it was different, which he said was good. I have been going twice a week. After the third week, I was kind of shocked at how good my feet felt, maybe 40-50% better. After 6 weeks and 11 treatments, I would say that I am 75% better. My feeling is that after 3 years of pain and basically doing nothing, I am going to have to rehabilitate my feet for a long time. I am going to continue slowly and hope for the best.

The LMT charges $125/hour, minimum 1 hour sessions. He does not have insurance coverage, so the bill is on you (perhaps you can submit paperwork to your insurance carrier). Send me an email and I will gladly send you his information.

(email removed)

Re: finding an LMT for PF

Linda V on 7/12/05 at 17:43 (178261)

I also had aggressive massage for a while, and I think it helped. What I did was email several local running clubs and asked if anyone had any pointers about PF and info on massage. I got a great referral from a runner who was helped immensely by this. It was QUITE painful at first as she stripped my tight muscles, then worked on breaking up all the little hard deposits. I actually had tears in my eyes at times, and bruises on my legs where she released the tight pressure points. But....along with other treatments, I started to feel better.

Re: DavidW's Update

LanL on 7/12/05 at 23:46 (178296)

DavidW, Thank you for your prompt response and suggestion. I may have to do some research to find someone who is knowledgeable in PF or similar problem.

I am glad that the therapies worked out for you and I hope you will continue to get better with each treatment. Thanks for the info. LanL

Re: finding an LMT for PF

DavidW on 7/13/05 at 08:22 (178307)

Linda V, when was this and are you continuing to feel better?

Re: finding an LMT for PF

Kay on 7/13/05 at 13:56 (178333)

David, thanks for posting your exercises. Do you have any pain while doing these? Also, just curious, did you ever try active release (ART)? If so, did you have any luck? i am so glad to hear you are making progress. I am going to seek out a LMT in my area and schedule an appt! Your story is inspiring!

Re: DavidW....my medical massage

Linda V on 7/13/05 at 19:52 (178346)

It was close to a year ago that I had my treatments. She taught me a lot of self massage, and even taught my husband how to do it for me. I have always believed that increasing circulation to an area facilitates the oxygen to the area, and therefore, speeds healing. I think thats one of the reasons that the morning exercise routine is so helpful. I continue to improve. 18 months ago, I couldn't make it through a grocery store shopping trip. Today, I worked an almost 12 hour shift----mostly on my feet. I had almost resigned myself to never being able to work as a nurse again...but I am doing ok so far. I will never, ever, take my feet for granted again!

Re: finding an LMT for PF

DavidW on 7/14/05 at 06:44 (178372)

Kay, at first, it was somewhat uncomfortable to do the excercises, I think because my feet are no unaccustomed to any physical activity. My feet would feel very 'tight' the next morning, and areas that never hurt before began to (like my achilles, toes etc). I had this same experience when I began Julie's yoga excercises, but it seems to be getting much easier as I progress.

I think the key after such a long time of inactivity is rehabilitation, and I think it will take a long time.