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Heel spurs on the back of the heel

Posted by Roy on 7/12/05 at 17:39 (178260)

I have severe pain and tendonitis on the back of my heel. Radiographs have shown at least two spurs on the back of my heel, both causing inflamation of the achilles tendon. I have had 2 Osatron procedures, night spints, several prescription anti-inflamatory drugs and weeks of wearing a boot. Nothing has helped. I have diabetes and do not want to undergo invasive surgery if I can avoid it. Does anyone have reccomendations that will relieve the pain and allow me to return to normal activity.

Re: Heel spurs on the back of the heel

Dr. Z on 7/12/05 at 18:32 (178262)

I would use an ESWT device at a lower energy level then the ossatron. We use the Dornier Epos at a much lower energy level then the protocol for Plantar fasciitis treatment.
Years ago we found out that a lower energy level for Achilles Tendinosis is much more effective then a higher energy level that is used for plantar fasciitis.
I have treated cases where the patients condition failed to resolve with a higher energy level with our protocol and the results were very effective.