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Pain free for years

Posted by Bob G. on 7/13/05 at 02:27 (178298)

Hello to all, especially you old timers that were around five to ten years ago when I was active on this site. Just to let you know I am still using my footflex at least once a day, not only because it helps keep my feet healthy, but it actually feels good PLUS it doesn't take much time.

Walking and jogging on the beach is a priority in my life, so when I do I use plenty of sunscreen, arch supports, knee braces, sun glasses, water, glucosamine, chondroitin...sometimes a cell phone...

My feet have been so good, been pain-free for years, used to think not so but then I found this site, discovered rest, more rest than you can imagine, learned to sleep with a night-splint, healing, repairing, learning all the while. Now a grateful success story. Cheers to all who strive!

Re: Pain free for years

Necee on 7/14/05 at 00:26 (178364)

I'm so happy for you Bob! Thanks for sharing and giving hope to those who continue to strive to be pain free.
I'm much improved since I first started posting here several years back, I don't think I could have endured had it not been for the support and knowledge that I found here.
There are several of us 'old timmers' still hanging around, so drop by anytime.

Happy trails....


Re: Pain free for years

Linda V on 7/14/05 at 18:27 (178431)

Yes...an inspiration for us all!!! Personally haven't tried the glucosamine-chondroiton yet..but thinking about giving it a try. Might help my getting-old bones as well as my feet!

Re: Pain free for years

Suzanne D. on 7/16/05 at 07:46 (178501)

I liked your message, Bob: 'Cheers to all who strive'! Because that's what it takes - striving. Learning, reading, getting support from others, trying new things, being patient, not giving up... Striving is a good way to describe it!

I'm glad you are doing so well! I just returned from a trip to Philadelphia with some teens in my church and a few other adults. Walking, walking, walking - on marble and cobblestone and pavement. My feet and legs were tired - very tired - and stiff in the mornings and after sitting, but my arches and heels never hurt. Four years ago this would have been an impossible feat for me to have achieved.

Hang in there, everyone; there is always hope for improvement and healing!
Suzanne :)