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Casting or Surgery?

Posted by Heather on 7/13/05 at 10:17 (178314)

My husband has PF, TTS and Diabetic Neuropathy in his foot. He has the custom orthodics, has done physical therapy (which the therapist said was doing no good), ice, stretching, pain meds, ART, all without improvement. The surgeon had him do the nerve study which showed the TTS and neuropathy. My husband decided to have surgery, but the doctor wants to try putting him in a cast for 4 weeks before he tries surgery.

Anyone here done the casting before? We're trying to decide if it's worth it. We have our first baby coming in January, and I really want my husband to be up and walking around then. I'm afraid that if he does the casting now (it will use up all of his sick time and vacation time from work), but it doesn't work, then he will probably have the surgery done this winter (so that he gets more sick time from work) but this will be right at the same time our baby is due. The dr also said that he will be out of work for 12 weeks if he has the surgery.

My gut feeling is to have the surgery now, and hope that it works. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Re: Casting or Surgery?

Ralph on 7/13/05 at 16:31 (178339)

Wow Heather sounds like timing is very important and certainly understandable given the circumstance. I'm not a doctor so I hope one will respond to your post.

In the mean time,I wish you and your husband would use the search tab on this site and read more about the type of surgery he is planning to have, it's success rate and also about the success others might have had following the use of a cast.

My guess and it's strickly a guess is that your husbands doctor is willing to try every conservative treatment prior to him having surgery and I think the reason is because he knows that he nor any other doctor can guarantee a successfull outcome especially for the TTS surgery.

If you take the time to search out what others have posted especially the success or failures with both types of surgery, I think you will come to understand that just because your husband has it done doesn't mean pain free living always follows.

You realize that having diabetic neuropathy isn't an advantage and that although doctors provide patients with a healing time frame things many not go like clock work. The doctor tells you his experience but what really happens depends on what he finds when he gets in, his skill as a surgeon and the way your husband's body responds. Nothing is written in stone although I know you are looking for concrete answers.

I highly suggest you both read all you can on this site and on the internet about the surgeries that are being suggested and about the use of a cast. Then take that knowledge and make a list of questions for your husbands doctor and frame the questions around your delivery date.

Express your concerns just as clearly as you did here. After understand your concerns he may make other suggestions to you or at the very least provide more explaination why he thinks a cast is something that your husband should try.

Best of luck to both of you and congratulation on the new baby.

Re: Casting or Surgery?

Norm on 7/14/05 at 06:11 (178371)

I tried the casting for 5 weeks & it made no difference at all. Best of luck to the both of you.


Re: Casting or Surgery?

Orfie on 7/16/05 at 09:12 (178510)

Hi I never had casting done. My doctor never even mentioned doing that. We tried everything, shots, icing, stretching, physical therapy, etc. My last resort was to have EPF surgery, it's been almost 3 months and it was the best thing I did. Right now I feel about 80% and I will being physical therapy in a couple of weeks and I know I will be 100% again. The recovery from this surgery is 6 months to a year.

Re: Casting or Surgery?

Heather on 7/20/05 at 10:58 (178706)

Thanks everyone for their responses. We decided to do the surgery, and we are waiting for a date now. I'll let everyone know what the outcome is.


Re: Casting or Surgery?

denise h on 7/26/05 at 17:37 (179173)

hi heather this is denise from columbus ga. i have already tried the cast for 4 weeks. i was fine while i was in the cast no pain but as soon as the cast came off and i started walking on the foot again the pain came back and was alot worse than before it just gets you off youre foot for awhile where it can rest. maybe thas what he needs but as far as me it did nothing but waste time for me.im going to have surgery next week and i already did the cast for 4-weeks but its youre decision. think about it ,pray about it and god will give you youre answer.he will tell you to wait or go ahead with it. put it all in gods hands.god bless and i hope everething works out.please let me know what yall decide to do and what happens?

Re: Casting or Surgery?

denise h on 7/26/05 at 17:39 (179174)

please let me know how things go for you. im waiting on a surgery date myself. suppose to be one day next week.

Re: Casting or Surgery?

Heather on 8/03/05 at 17:06 (179894)

Hi all, my husband has his surgery this morning, and he is sleeping like a baby now. The surgery was very quick - like 30-45 mins, and we were home at 9am (of course, we got there at 5:30am!). He was put to sleep for it, and afterward he said he felt pressure in the heel, but they said that was normal. They just made one cut on the inside of his ankle area, treated the Tarsal tunnel nerve, then moved down to treat the PF (just from what is sounded like). There is not a cut on the botton of his foot.

The doc (Dr. Womack in Atlanta) said everything went fine. His post-op appt is next Friday (8/12). I'll keep you all informed of his progress.


Re: Casting or Surgery?

Ralph on 8/03/05 at 19:56 (179921)

Thanks for the update. I think everyone is hoping that he has good results and is finally out of pain. I know it will be a big worry off of all of you.

Re: Casting or Surgery? denise

denise h on 8/04/05 at 19:36 (180015)

hey my surger is schiled for aug17th . i hope it goes as good as his did lol denise.

Re: Casting or Surgery? denise

Heather on 8/10/05 at 11:08 (180315)

Me too. His first week was okay, but this morning he woke up with a lot of pain. He thinks he might have had a dream and moved his foot wrong. I hope that's all it is. We'll see on Friday!