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pf and sciatic nerve

Posted by tamin on 7/13/05 at 15:41 (178336)

I have problems with pf, and also my sciatic nerve has been bothering me (an acutal pain in the butt!) Are these two injuries related? Im a avid runner and trying to heal.

Re: pf and sciatic nerve

Martin on 7/14/05 at 03:47 (178368)

Hi Tamin,

I suffer form very similar problems. I don't wish to worry you, but you should get checked out with a rheumatologist for spondyloarthropathy (a type of arthritis) as this often starts with symptoms you describe. But, I stress, this doesn't mean that you do have it! If so, check out http://www.kickas.org for more info.

In my case after many tests they decided I didn't have a spondyloarthropathy, but some sort of neuropathic sensitization... for this I'm trying high doses of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 (which I'm also now trying for nerve problems) which you could consider.

Good luck,


Re: pf and sciatic nerve

tamin on 7/19/05 at 14:44 (178668)

Thanks Martin,
Good luck to you too...I will check it out!

Re: pf and sciatic nerve

Rachael T. on 7/20/05 at 17:50 (178740)

I am a 4 yr PF'r.....but I feel now, that I am pretty much 'maintaining' my good foot health w/ orthotics that 'finally' work; & Birks. I write as I too, have suffered about 18 yrs. ago with a terrible & long lasting bout of sciatica (from a bad horse training accident) & now again I am having the same symptoms - but this time, it is on the other 'cheek.' It is my right side of my butt now - as opposed to 18 yrs. ago being my left....anyway, I have done some reading about low back pain & DDD (Degenerative disc disease) & it seems that 1 of the treatments for DDD & low back pain is to have the patient wear orthotics - as pronation is also a cause for the low back pain/DDD over time. So - my thoughts are this: Why didn't anyone tell me to begin wearing orthotics as a preventative 18 yrs. ago? I write this now, to tell anyone interested to wear orth.or at least talk with their drs. to consider wearing orthotics - so that down the road they prevent the backpain! Apparently, these two symptoms 'run' hand in hand!

Re: pf and sciatic nerve

elvis on 7/20/05 at 18:44 (178741)

You ask a good question. I bet you went to an orhtopedic surgeon to treat your sciatica 18 years ago. Correct? The probable answer is that the doctor didn't know any better. That's why for any 'mechanical' injury to bones, joint, muscles, tendons, etc. I would find a good chiropractor. A good one will know his/her limits and when they can or can't be of help. I'm not a doctor but I used to be a Pharmacist. Going to an orthopod for back pain and getting a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory is a losing situation for you (unless it's an acute injury of course) and a win for the doctor because he will gain a long term patient in many cases. All done without correcting the problem. Traditional doctors are trained to treat mostly symptoms. Chiropractors and podiatrits are more likely to determine the underlying cause of the symptoms and treat the cause and not necessarily the symptoms. The cause vs. symptoms is slowly being recognized.