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Question for any doctors on this site.

Posted by ElishaJ on 7/13/05 at 23:58 (178362)

I have already posted this message, but here it is again. Can it be that my fascia ligaments are too flexible or that I have excessive motion in the joints of my foot? I've had PF for 2 years, I'm 25, and I now need crutches daily to move around. The only time I am pain free are in the first few moments on my feet. I've tried orthotics, ultrasound, ice, splints, stretches, Ibuprofen, massage, lidoderm cortisone injections, taping, ESWT (on both feet) and EPF (on the left foot). 7 months post EPF my ligament is indeed longer, however, the entire ligament is painful and I can barely step on it. I've seen no more improvement in the last 3 months even with aggressive Physical therapy. A neurologist has ruled out any other conditions or a back problem. Now, I believe that since my fascia isn't tight, and by actually making it longer, I received more pain, that I really need my arches to heighten my arches and/or my joints to be fused to support the fascia more. I have an appointment with the 'best orthopedic surgeon in Maine' in sept but I may kill myself before then. I'm also thinking that if this isn't something that will go away by fixing the support in my feet, I may need a prosthetic foot (at least on the left) so I can get back to walking. The EPF was a significant blow to an already unbearable condition.
I just wish someone would take a look at my unique symptoms. Any suggestions on where I should go from here? This web site has been essential to my knowledge, Thank You so much.

Re: Question for any doctors on this site.

Juby on 7/14/05 at 11:29 (178400)

Elisha, I had PF for fifteen years. My last and final Foot Doctor said I had excessive motion in my ankle which caused the PF. Check into an Implant(Sinus Tarsi Implant) they put in the outside of the ankle. I had it done 4 months ago with GREAT Success. Hyprocure.com. My feet only hurt when I was on them, never first thing in the morning. Hope this helps.

Re: Question for any doctors on this site.

KR on 7/14/05 at 12:41 (178409)

Juby, is there a test that can be done to tell if you have this problem? Or will it show on an x-ray? I too have similar symptoms - no pain in the morning, only after a few minutes of walking and gets worse the longer I am on my feet. I am going into my 5th month now, so still pretty early in the whole PF process.

Also, I don't have the heel pain, mine is more in the arch. I don't seem to meet the classic PF symptoms and starting to wonder if it could be something else. I also have developed back pain, which I saw on the hyprocure site that is a possible symptom. I am only 27.

Re: Question for any doctors on this site.

Juby on 7/14/05 at 14:20 (178419)

My DPM rocked my foot side to side, he hold the heel and ankle. I did the same test on my husband's foot and I could see the difference in the motion. He also showed me something on x-ray, where the talus bone in the heel was angled wrong. I also had more arch pain then heel pain and only when I was on my feet. Rest always made them feel better.

Re: Question for any doctors on this site.

ray on 7/15/05 at 20:19 (178491)

the person asked for a doctor only

Re: Question for any doctors on this site.

Juby on 7/18/05 at 08:42 (178563)

Hey Ray I am A Doctor, but not a DPM!!!!!!!!!!