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Suffering from Plantar fasciitis

Posted by Leena on 7/14/05 at 07:14 (178375)

Im suffering from planter fasciitis,i have taken medication for 10 days but no relief. The doctor has advised me to take an injection on the surface of the bone of the heel.i would ur advice on this matter.plz reply

Re: Suffering from Plantar fasciitis

Hoopa on 7/14/05 at 17:47 (178426)

Hi Lena,

I just had a cortisone injection about a week and a half ago. It has given me a great amount of relief. I am now able to put my foot on the floor in the morning and after sitting for a few minutes. Right now I am having a pulling sensation in my feet which runs from the heel of my foot to right below the middle toes. This is annoying but it is minor compared to the pain that I was going through. After the injection, the doctor suggested that I put warm compresses on the heel of my foot in the area of the injection. That was to treat the soreness that does result from the injection and not only the PF. I also found that taking the anti inflammatory has helped too. I can now walk more then one city block without the fear of having pain. Read the posts on this board and the links also. There seem to be mixed reviews about the injection but mine did help.

Re: Suffering from Plantar fasciitis

timba on 7/14/05 at 20:59 (178437)

if this is your first cortisone injection, and you are really in pain you could try it, but if does not work, be careful, cortisone shots can delay the healing process of the plantar fascia...do not get more than one..

Re: Suffering from Plantar fasciitis

alexg on 7/16/05 at 17:28 (178535)

I have been diagnoised with plantar fasciitis. I am seeing a podritrist but very frustrated with the tx plan. I have done insoles, taping, ice, stretching, cortisone shot with no relief. I have bought a pair of brooks sneakers & dansko clogs for work. I am currently undergoing pt which isn't helping either, I can barley walk & when I do the pain is intense. I'm a RN & on my feet 12-15 hours a day with a 1/2 hr break if i'm lucky. Pt consists of ultrasound w/ cortisone creme & stretching & taping. Do you have any other suggestions for tx & how do I make my dr. understand the amt of pain i'm in??????

Re: Suffering from Plantar fasciitis

LillianS on 8/06/05 at 09:45 (180109)

I have been suffering from pf for the past two years and have always had a standing job. I understand completely what you are going through. I've done everything you have in addition to iontophoresis (it did nothing). I've been through five doctors (two quacks) and my sixth is finally helping me. Physical therapy exhaserbated my pt. I'm on celebrex and at times, it does not help. When I had an intense flare up where I could hardly walk, the only thing that relieved it was staying off my foot for a long time, which is financially draining but I had no choice. I've had to modify my activity by sitting as much as I can whenever I can (which I know is impossible for a nurse). I'm going to have ESWT by the end of the month even though I have to pay for it because insurance won't cover it. It is the last non-evasive hope I have left other than surgery. If your doctor is not listening, then find another who will if you can. If you chose to try ESWT, then make sure you do your research on the machines and doctor(s) who will be doing the procedure. I empathize with you and wish you the best of luck in finding relief that will work for you.