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Injured on brithday

Posted by Anthony P on 7/14/05 at 13:43 (178413)

Hello everyone, I'm now recovierng from a tear in my lower leg mucsle (Gastroc) On my 40th B day i was
tilling my garden when I went to turn around for the next roe My leg felt like it was hit by something .
I knew something bad happen. ( This is the leg I had my open platar release etc. in 2001)
My doc Took x ray they were OK . I had bruises all down my lower leg and ankle . I was in a cam walker
for a week and had to go back the swelling was not goining down I was tested for blood clots in my leg .
That was a real scare Thank god this turned out OK . I have 4 days to go in this hard cast . then phyiscal
thapharpy (sorry about the spelling) The summer with more time with my daugther is keeping me from getting
crazy . does anyone here no the recover time for this kind of injury ? thanks

Re: Injured on brithday

Suzanne D. on 7/16/05 at 07:40 (178500)

Hello, Anthony! I have been on a trip and away from the boards for a week. I was glad to see your name when I returned, but sorry to read of your recent problems with the tear in your lower leg muscle. I have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing, how your classes went, if you were able to get another job with less time on your feet.

I'm sorry I have no help for you in the question you asked, but I just wanted to say 'hello' and that I remember you from years ago here and wish you better days ahead.

Suzanne :)

Re: Hello Suzanne

Anthony P on 7/16/05 at 16:20 (178529)

I know Its been a long time. How was your trip ? I took Shawn Rose to a aquarium . It was a great
time. until then I never knew hippos were such good swimers . Yes I did have to change jobs , two years of nigth school
later and now a 100 mile a day comute Its a O K job, less standing and walking . I 'm always looking for something closer to home. How are you feeling ? Are you still a school teacher ?
My daugter (Shawnrose) will be starting kindergarden in september .
I remember you always with kind word s Thanks Anthony p Best Wishs to you . have a great summer : )

Re: Hello Suzanne

Suzanne D. on 7/16/05 at 17:18 (178532)

Hi, Anthony! I'm glad you got a new job with less standing and walking, and I hope before long you are able to find one closer to home. I know commuting gets old, and with gas prices as they are, it would be nice to not have to drive so much.

I love your daughter's name - Shawn Rose. Both my daughters are called by their first and middle names, too. My older daughter said some high school kids used to tease her in fun and tell her she had a 'Cabbage Patch name' :), but she liked it and never let anyone just call her by her first name. My younger daughter doesn't correct someone if they call her only by her first name, but she still goes by both.

It's exciting for you and your daughter that she is entering kindergarten! Be sure and take a picture of her on that first day. You'll always be glad you did.

Yes, I will be back for my 26th year teaching in about two weeks! This is my 13th year in first grade. I really enjoy the young children and their excitement for learning. One of the real joys of my job is seeing former students years later. They make my day when they come over to speak when I see them out and tell me about their lives.

Take care, and it was nice hearing from you! I hope Shawn Rose has a wonderful start to kindergarten.

Suzanne :)