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1st MTP joint Trauma

Posted by Faisel on 7/18/05 at 05:03 (178559)

I am writing to ask your advice with regards to my left great toe which received a trauma injury approximately 16 months ago (a computer monitor fell onto the 1st MTP joint) resulting in pain and Hallux Limitus, the blood tests are negative for gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and there does not appear to be any arthritic change. I have had pain in the joint ever since whilst walking and have had to stop all sports which I did previously because of the pain it causes. I have thus far seen a rheumatologist who has carried out x-rays which reveal no fractures, and an MRI scan which shows mild-moderate inflammation of the 1st MTP joint and very mild-mild cartilage damage on the 1st MTP joint and a marrow endema Subsequent to the scan I had a IA Hydrocortisone injection into the 1st MTP joint which gave relief from all symptoms for approximately 1 week after which the pain came back worse than it had been previously. I had tried orthotics with limited success and am currently wearing high toe boots in order to cause minimal movement of the joint. Because of previous GI problems the consultant has not given me oral NSAIDs and is reluctant to give another Corticosteroid injection in the joint. Upong speaking to a foot surgeon he has recommended a cheilectomy to remove the tiny bone spur on the 1st MTP head and the marrow endema and all the fluid currently on the joint and a debridement. My questions are how long am i likely to need to take off work? will i be able to use a pc at home with my leg raised to waist level? Should i use icing after the op? Is it likely i will be able to start my rock climbing again and how long after the op? in the first 2 weeks how are you suppossed to shower and so on if you cannot put any weight on your foot? Anything else you would suggest will also be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks