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having some TTS symptoms...what should I do?

Posted by goose on 7/18/05 at 07:38 (178560)

Hi all,

I had bad bilateral PF for 2 years but it is mostly better and this spring I had bad RSD in both feet which is also doing better. Now, I am having TTS symptoms in my right foot, mainly inner ankle pain and tingling in the sole of the foot!! This just started. I do not have the positive tinel signal.

Since it may take awhile to get in to my Foot & Ankle M.D, what conservative things should I be doing? I already wear tennis shoes and take 4 Aleve 2x per day and am on 1800 Neurontin for the RSD. My hope is to have a baby within the next year or two but am scared and sad because my darn feet keep getting in the way….

Good luck to all of you!


Re: having some TTS symptoms...what should I do?

Suzy D on 7/18/05 at 17:45 (178579)

Goose-are you sure these conditions aren't all related to one another? It seems as if you have gone from one conditon to another over time. It almost sounds as if all of this might just be RSD related. The symptoms seem to overlap so much. Try RSDHope.org for lots of comprehensive information. You realize you can go much higher on your Neurontin dose. If that does not work there are many other meds in this category that might work as well if not better. Hope your feet soon stop getting in the way of your life,

Re: conservative treatment ideas

goose on 7/19/05 at 14:17 (178666)

My pain doc thinks it is not RSD and refered me to my GP. So, actually I am just going to my pod. My right innder ankle aches and burns after walking...perhaps because I just started walking again after 2 months off the feet...

What is my first line of defense if this is TTS? Rest, NSAID's, good shoes...what else? I am leary of ice due to RSD (which seems to be gone now). How would you manage this to avoid it becoming chronic?

Thanks much!

Re: conservative treatment ideas

Brenda S. on 7/23/05 at 16:42 (178936)

I have the TTS severely in both feet. Why are you leary of ice for this? My feet burn, tingle, draw up in the arch sometimes and hurts up to the calf of my legs. What is RSD? (probably a dumb question).

Re: conservative treatment ideas

Suzy D on 7/24/05 at 06:50 (178974)

See RSDHope, mentioned before, and you will find out all you need to know about RSD. It sounds as if you have a lot of issues going on with those feet at this point. Good luck. S

Re: conservative treatment ideas

Brenda S. on 7/24/05 at 11:49 (178985)

Yea, and it seems like they are getting worse. I was hoping for surgery later, much later. Right now I am wearing some velcro braces I bought at Wal-Mart inside my shoes. I have been wearing some Ariat 'Fatbaby' boots that helped to start with but I think they have stretched some.
Thanks for the info.