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Informed Consent

Posted by elvis on 7/19/05 at 10:34 (178630)

Here's what the AMA says informed consent means. It doesn't include warning the patient that they may be hit by a bus either before or after the procedure! LOL


Re: Informed Consent

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/19/05 at 10:43 (178633)

Good point about the bus. Patients need to be informed about the 'reasonable' risks of surgery. Risks of surgery include death, loss of limb, etc. i don't think it is always agreed where the line between reaasonable and unreasonable is drawn. I have never seen a consent for list CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) as a potential complication -- it is hard enough to explain, let alone understand (doctors don't even understand it).

Re: Informed Consent

Dr. Zuckerman on 7/19/05 at 10:54 (178635)

Is loss of limb a reasonable risk in a patient that has good vascular stauts and no family history of Diabetes. The patient is undergoing an partial matrixectomy?
Do you think that PN is a reasonable risk when undergoing ESWT ?

Re: Informed Consent

Ralph on 7/19/05 at 10:58 (178638)

Concent forms sometimes will say things like ' surgery to be performed by Dr. X or his associate or in teaching facilities can include the use of taking movies or the assistance of several Residents etc.

This is when the patient can begin to cross through certain areas that they don't agree with and initial that they don't want that to happen or that they only want Dr. X to touch them.

I bet a lot of patients don't know they can add and cross out things on the concent form. Some don't even read the thing before the procedure. They should definately read it and cross out things if they don't agree with what it says.

Some doctors I think will provide a copy of the consent agreement at pre op. appointments if it's a complicated procedure. This gives the patient time to read it, absorb what they can and ask questions.

Re: Informed Consent

Ralph on 7/19/05 at 10:59 (178639)

Sorry about all those 'c's' instead of S's.

Re: Informed Consent

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/20/05 at 15:46 (178727)

I don't think limb loss is unless reasonable unless there is diabetes or sickle cell trait (with tourniquet use but not for ESWT). PN, to the best of my knowlege cannot be caused by ESWT but could be by anesthesia. It is rare but one patient did post here to that effect.

Re: Informed Consent

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/27/05 at 01:10 (179218)

The first question to ask is if the procedure is to be performed at a residency program or training program. If so, some degree of resident participation is likely.