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Posted by John H on 7/19/05 at 12:10 (178649)


Re: Cats

Suzanne D. on 7/20/05 at 15:59 (178730)

I now have a new appreciation for cats!

Suzanne :)

Re: Cats

Kathy G on 7/26/05 at 10:15 (179113)

Good one, John! My sister wouldn't agree right now. Her cat, from the litter of cats a friend had, has been in fights of some kind twice of late and she's paid out over $400 in vet bills. That's not money that comes to her easily.

No one knows what happened to him but her Vet totally disapproves of her letting the cat out of the house. He hates being inside. He's never been friendly, even as a kitten, and now his disposition is even worse. He even goes to scratch and bite her. She let him out for two hours today but she's concerned. I told her he needed a psychiatrist.

Re: Cats

Kathy G on 7/26/05 at 10:17 (179114)

I suppose I should have worded that differently. Her friend's cat, not her friend, had a litter of kittens, ! :)

Re: Cats

John H on 7/26/05 at 11:17 (179121)

Last year my neighbor had a cat that her little girl really loved. The father hated cats so the cat wondered the neighborhood for a couple of years. I would usually see him every day and he would stay in my garage on winter nights. He disappeared for about a week and the little girl told me 'George' had fallen out of a tall tree and her father would not help him. About a week later George showed up on my back deck witht a back leg completely broken and just dangling. I took him to my vet and the surgery bill was over $700. I kept him in a cage for 8 weeks as his leg healed. He walks real funny these days but I have made him a house only cat. The little girl comes to see him often and has thanked us for taking care of George. $700 well spent--

Re: Cats

Elyse B on 7/26/05 at 11:47 (179131)

John H. you are ace in my books for taking care of George. I had to put my beloved 16 year old to sleep 3 weeks ago. I miss him terribly, but on the bright side I just adopted a 5 month old Abyssinian. My 3 year old is a little out of sorts but I think they get along. At least neither is injured when I get home from work!!!

Re: Cats

John H on 7/27/05 at 10:02 (179246)

When I married my wife she was a dog person. She knew nothing about cats. She had this idea you could keep cats off of beds and counters. Ha!!! It is difficult to manage a dog in the military as we moved so often (24 times). We finally got our daughter a cat (a male and female). Of course our female soon became pregnant. One afternoon my wife called me in a big panic that our cat was about to give birth. She insisted I drive her and the cat to the vet. My wife and the cat were in the back seat as I sped to the nearest vet. As the cat began to give birth my wife began to screen that the cat was eating the kittens in her lap. I tried to explain she was merely cleaning the afterbirth and the kitten. By the time we arrived at the vet we had four new Siamese kittens and the mama had thoroughly cleaned them. I should have proceeded to the emergency room for my wife.

Re: Cats

Elyse B on 7/27/05 at 14:31 (179265)

John H, that is one of the funniest stories I have heard and it made me laugh out loud. My two kitties have run of the house. I now have a 3 year old and a 5 month old who is a terror. What did you ever do with the 4 Siamese kittens? I don't remember seeing any Siamese cats in the pictures that you posted. I remember a gray one by your desk. Cannot believe you moved 24 times with cats, mine scream bloody murder when I put them in their carrier and walk 3 blocks to the vet.

Re: Cats

John H on 7/28/05 at 09:43 (179316)

My first two Siamese are long gone. They lived to be over 19. I now have Tiger II. He looked like a Siamese as a kitten but clearly his mama or daddy was something else now that he is grown. My cat(s) were good travelers. Tiger liked to sit on the dashboard and I did have to live with the litter box on the floor of the back seat. We had to sneak him in the hotels. One time he gave out a loud 'MEEOW' in an elevator but fortunately no one heard him. None of my cats like the vet and yes the screem all the way there.