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Summer Reading..update and recommended

Posted by LindaV on 7/19/05 at 17:49 (178676)

Just finished (a quick read) The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom and highly recommend it. An easy read, thoughtful. He also wrote the book Tuesdays With Morrie.

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

Jan P on 7/19/05 at 20:06 (178683)

I've read those too. Thought provoking, and interesting! Tuesdays with Morrie especially.

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

John H on 7/20/05 at 10:30 (178703)

Being a history buff I have just started '1776'.

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

des on 7/21/05 at 11:14 (178777)

Hi LindaV and all,

I'm reading a book a friend recommended 'God's Prescription for Healing' by James P. Gills, M.D. He's a very noted eye surgeon at St. Luke's Hospital in Tampa, but speaks to you for healing anywhere in your body. I found it amazing, helpful, interesting and knowledgeable.

I'll check out the books you've listed too -- they seem like something else I would enjoy. Thanks

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

Kathy G on 7/25/05 at 08:52 (179029)

I just came back from vacation and thought I'd read a lot more books than I did but I did enjoy John Sandford's new one, although it was pretty graphic as his books often are. I also read John Grisham's which I had missed when it came out. I've had some problems getting into books lately due to some minor family problems and arthritis pain. The two make it hard for me to concentrate so if a book grabs me, I read it. I had Grisham's but couldn't get into it at all. My husband liked it, though. Okay, I'm going to give up on trying to use italics because I think I'm doing it wrong but you guys get my drift!

As to the 'First Five People you meet in Heaven,' we both loved it! I didn't even think of suggesting it to my husband but he saw it and picked it up and enjoyed it as much as I did. I'm going to suggest it to my Book Group for next year's list.

Another good story and one that baseball lovers will certainly enjoy is 'Looking for Teddy Williams.' It's short and while I liked it, my husband absolutely loved it.

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but Jodi Picoult's, 'My Sister's Keeper,' was very good and very thought provoking. I've just discovered her and she lives close by.

'Tuesdays with Morrie' was such a delightful book and Jack Lemon was so wonderful in the part in the television movie. I didn't watch 'Five People' on TV because I didn't want anything to destroy my vision of the characters but I've been told that it was excellent.

When I go to the library, I'll look that book up, Des.

Hope this doesn't all come out in strange computerese! :D

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

Kathy G on 7/25/05 at 08:56 (179030)

Well, none of the italics worked and the name of Grisham's new one is 'The Broker.' It was there with all the slashes and I's but somehow never even showed up!

Grisham's books are often the same but if you haven't read 'A painted House' by him, I'd recommend it. It's a good story and very well written.

I'm waiting for Janet Evanovich's new one! I think I'm next on the Hold List at the Library. Her books never fail to make me laugh!

Oh, and my husband liked Robert Parker's Apoloosa but I couldn't get into it at all. I think I'm mainly a Spenser fan although I like some of Parker's new female characters. This current one is a western.

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

JudyS on 7/26/05 at 19:09 (179183)

Kathy - I was just hearing about the Evanovich series from a neighbor. Maybe I should give them a try.
One of the best 'keep you in your seat' novels I ever read was Stephen King's 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon'. It's not as weird as many of his works which is good........It's fascinating and riviting.

Re: Summer Reading..update and recommended

Kathy G on 7/27/05 at 07:49 (179230)

You know, I'm not a Stephen King fan but I should try that one. I'm hoping to get to the library today and I'll see if it's available. Thanks, Judy.

And most definitely try the Evanovich series. When I worked at the library, it was one of the series I recommended to people and every single person came back to tell me how much they enjoyed it. And that includes men although one of our best friends won't even try it because he thinks it's a 'chick' book. She has a wacky sense of humor and it's a great way to lose yourself and relax.