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question for DavidW

Posted by KR on 7/20/05 at 08:34 (178698)

David, I have been seeing a LMT for my PF and have seen some relief, I am only on my 3rd visit. The first two visits were great, I was sore for a few days afterwards, but nothing too bad. However, after this last visit I now have a pain in the ball of my foot - did you ever experience this after a session? It has only been a day since my session, but it seems odd to have pain there. The pain is not sharp or shooting, but rather a bruised feeling and hurts to walk on (in addition to the foot pain I already have) and even when I sit. Just curious if you've experienced anything similar....thanks!

Re: question for DavidW

DavidW on 7/20/05 at 10:15 (178701)

KR, I have had 11 treatments so far. After the first 4 or 5 treatments, I had pain in all sorts of new places in my feet. The pain was different though, and was much more of a soreness, rather than the typical PF pain. I did notice after about the 8th treatment, that although my feet were still getting sore and uncomfortable, the PF pain that I have had for so long was diminishing. Since then, the PF pain has continued to decrease as well as the soreness, even after a session. I must say that I have had several short (day or two) relapses since beginning the sessions and it can be discouraging. Overall, I am making great progress. Yesterday I walked 1 whole mile pain free, and went shopping for a whopping 30 minutes without pain! My feet are a little 'sore' today though.

Just curious, what are the LMT sessions like for you?

Re: question for DavidW

DavidW on 7/20/05 at 10:24 (178702)

KR, I would like to add that since I started visiting the LMT, I stopped all prior activities (icing, taping, calf stretching etc) and began the following routine:

** Julie's yoga foot excercises twice daily (before getting out of bed in the AM and just before going to bed at night)
** Started a walking routine (.25 miles for two weeks and increase by .25 mile every other week)
** Began taking vitamin B supplements
** Started foot stregthening excercises given to me by LMT (after the 4th visit)

Re: question for DavidW

KR on 7/20/05 at 11:01 (178707)

David, thanks for the responses. You really inspired me to try massage therapy with your posts to this message board. It just makes a lot of sense that if your lower body is tight or not functioning as it should, it can throw things off. I still have the PF pain, but I can tell it is changing from the few sessions I have had. This pain I described in the ball of my foot does hurt, but is more like a soreness or bruised feeling. I think right now I am just overly cautious about any new pains I am feeling in my feet. Sort of scared after all the PF pain I've had. My LMT has not treated PF before, but feels confident she can. So, we'll see how it goes. I have not starting a walking routine, but have increased the walking I do around the house - I am used to crawling a lot! I have continued with my stretching and icing routine. I would like to have one or two more sessions then start a walking routine similar to the one you mentioned. I also want to try to eliminate the icing. My LMT recommends a hot bath after our sessions. Says it eases the muscles after they have been worked on. I have been icing my feet after theses baths. My sessions are for 45 mins once a week and she just works on my lower back down to my feet. You are going twice a week for an hour each session right? I know you mentioned one time your LMT thought your circulation might have been bad? Mine has told me this too. She told me that one of my feet is significantly colder than the other - and thinks this is due to lack of circulation.

Did the LMT recommend the vitamin B supplement? I have wondered about supplements and heard omega-3 is good for joints, etc..

I am so glad to hear you are getting better. Progress stories like yours are what keeps the rest of us holding on to hope that this nightmare will eventually go away. I would love to be able to stop in the grocery store and just pick something up without pain.

Oh, one other question, when you started the walking routine were you in more pain after your walk or was the pain just staying the same from the time you starting the walk until you finished? If that makes any sense?

Re: question for DavidW

DavidW on 7/20/05 at 15:46 (178728)

KR, I think the soreness is normal. My LMT digs in pretty hard and it definitely is causing some soreness.

I stopped icing because I felt it might impede the healing / circulation process (plus, I have been icing daily for a year or two and it has never really helped).

I started vitamin B supplements from what I have read, not at the advice of my LMT.

I have been going twice a week, but I am on my own for three weeks since the LMT is on vacation in greece.

When I started walking, I began with .25 miles because at that point, I started to feel 'uneasy' in my feet. Not necessarily pain, but the beginnings of pain, so I stopped. I just don't want to have any relapses. Now I can do 1 mile and I only begin to feel just a slight pain, but I'm gonna take it slow anyhow.