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Plantar Fasciitis

Posted by RosemaryL on 7/20/05 at 13:59 (178718)

I have suffered since March of this year to date of a heel spur. X-rays taken by the podiatrist show a spur on the heel and inflamation in the arch (plantar fasciitis). He taped it for 5 days. After 5 days I returned to the podiatrist and told him it didn't feel any better. He suggested that I purchase inserts that would cost me $450. Why would I buy inserts if the taping didn't help???? I am now considering going to a chinese acupuncturer. I have heard good things about this procedure. Do you have any input before I make this appointment.

Re: Plantar Fasciitis

Ralph on 7/20/05 at 15:04 (178723)

Use Scott's 'search' tab and plug in acupuncture and see how others did with this treatment before you spend your money.

Many people here have tried over the counter inserts or powersteps which are fairly reasonable to see if they got relief. You could alway try the cheaper route before investing $450.

If you do decide to get his orthotics see if he will offer you a money back guarantee if they don't work. Some people on this site experienced good results with orthotics and others spent the money, couldn't wear the darn things and they just ended up collecting dust.

Another thing that you could try is just taping your own feet on a daily basis. I believe the directions how how to do this along with pictures is found in Scott's heel pain book. Sometimes longer use of taping has helped people.

If you haven't read through Scott's heel pain book please do yourself a big favor and spend the time. You'll learn lots. Also use his search tab to look up feedback from other posters. There is no quick cure for P.F. but there is help out there you just have to find what works for you. You may find a combination of things that help you.