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Found some answers in past posts!!

Posted by des on 7/21/05 at 10:40 (178774)

Hi anyone,

I posted a question on 7/19 about dr. changing my med from neurontin to pamelor. No one responded - hee-hee - and then I realized I could do a search by just typing in pamelor!! And I found LOTS of good information plus people that care about one another.

I'm just so happy for this website because I feel like I'm really talking to someone about all this and at least getting rid of some of the frustration which in itself I think can help you through some of the pain. Stress and anxiety sure make things much worse.

Thinking of all of you.


Re: Found some answers in past posts!!

Jan P on 7/21/05 at 17:43 (178801)

Yes, the wealth of information on this site makes it so encouraging. Prior to finding this site I thought I must be the only person in the world that couldn't get help with the traditional fixes the Dr's try first. Now I know so much better, and don't feel alone. Plus I'm taking charge and getting help myself!

Best to you.