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Music Lovers

Posted by marie on 7/21/05 at 12:45 (178781)


This site is awesome. It has boat loads of videos and MP3 of some of the finest drummers out there.

Worth checking out........I'm listening to 'Pride and Joy' Stevie Ray Vaughan

Re: Music Lovers

Richard, C.Ped on 7/21/05 at 13:13 (178784)

One of my favorite SRV covers is 'Little Wing' by Hendrix.

Re: Music Lovers

Dorothy on 7/21/05 at 15:53 (178798)

Marie! Once again, you have shown a path to happiness!
Steve Ferrone - the world's greatest drummer!
p.s. Don't tell elyse or susan or ralph that I was here, ok. Just checkin' in here and found your fabulous route to drummin' joy. Love it.

Re: Music Lovers...the path to happiness...

LindaV on 7/21/05 at 17:03 (178800)

..do you know how many people have commented about your absence and missed your posts and worried about you? think its time to come back????

Re: My lips are sealed..............

marie on 7/21/05 at 18:56 (178805)

but I think your name may have just given it all away. I love DrummerWorld! It's got so many cool videos and songs!

Ok here's a couple more sites.........they're oldie sites....eighties stuff too.



Re: Ginger Baker: CREAM

marie on 7/23/05 at 20:54 (178951)


This is friggin' awesome!

Excuse my language......:)