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Cortisone Shots

Posted by elvis on 7/21/05 at 23:49 (178829)

Cortisone shots in the heel are a piece of cake. The injection time is short enough that by the time you're ready to scream the shot is over. I had two shots in my 4th and 5th metatarsal area and those darned things hurt much worse than the heel shot because the doctor had to manipulate my foot after the needle was in so that he could shove the needle into the metatarsal joint! Ouch!!!

How would you like to get a cortisone shot in the shoulder? That must really hurt like a female dog! :-)


Re: Cortisone Shots

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/24/05 at 09:27 (178979)

There are many techniques for delivering such shots, some painful, some barely noticeable. I commonly freeze the skin on the side of the heel where the site is to be delivered with ethyl chloride, a skin refrigerant.
Then I insert a very thin needle to the frozen are with lidocaine (numbing medicine). Once the area is numb, I unhinge the needle from the syringe and attach a second needle that has the cortisone in it. This is a common technique that allows for little to no pain. It take a bit longer than simply jabbing a needle in the heel, costs the same amount but patients appreciate having the cortisone shot applied painlessly.
There is no secret to this technique, just the willingness ofthe doctor, not to cause pain.

Re: Cortisone Shots

elvis on 7/24/05 at 14:39 (178998)

Ed......the orthopod gave me the choice. I chose to get one shot with lidocaine and cortisone mixed. It wasn't as nearly as bad as it sounds. The needle in the side of the foot does not sound appealing to me. I would think the delivery is more precise with a direct injection. Like I said the metatarsal injectio was uch worse than the heel injection.