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chronic plantar fasciitis

Posted by chase on 7/22/05 at 16:14 (178858)

i have had pf for 5yrs. i am having eswt as soon i can get insurance approved. i have went through 3 denials, 2 bcbs of al. 1 bcbs of ky. i need a list of insurance companies that have paid for eswt to help with appeals. any help will be appreciated. any information you can give me.

Re: chronic plantar fasciitis

DavidW on 7/23/05 at 07:30 (178909)

chase, I could not get my insurance to pay either. After looking at several treatment centers, I chose one that promised to deal with my insurance company, and promised to accept whatever payment that the insurance company would pay (and no, I did not get it in writing). The treatment center submitted a $7,500 bill to my insurance, who then pain only $3,600 to the center. The center billed me for the deductible, which was $400. I also paid for the doctor bill, which was around $200. All in all, I think it was a pretty good deal for me. You may want to find and select a treatment center that can offer something similar. I think many of them are desperate for customers.

Anyhow, the ESWT did not help at all. Two doctors have suggested that I go for a 2nd treatment, but I will not. I, like many others, am choosing deep massage treatments, and they are working miracles so far. Something you may want to consider.

Re: chronic plantar fasciitis

chase on 7/24/05 at 21:57 (179010)

david. i feel like i have no other choice but to try eswt. i have been a long time sufferer. i have only 2 choices surgery or eswt, i have to take a chance on eswt. the state i live in does not offer eswt, i am seeing a doctor in another state that offers it. i was wondering what treatment centers you are talking about. my doctor is a pf sufferer she had surgery years ago but would rather me have eswt. she explained that is was only a 70% chance that it would work. i am sorry it didn't work for you.

Re: chronic plantar fasciitis

Norm on 7/26/05 at 05:26 (179092)

I also went through eswt. My insurance did not pay anything & it was agreed before the procedure that the company that did the eswt would only charge me $500 if the insurance denied it. I believe they billed the ins company $7500 for both feet. My pod tried to bill the ins co $5000 for just standing there watching how it was done. He also agreed to the $500 if ins denied. Can you believe the pod? Wanting $5000.00 to stand there & watch. Anyways the eswt did nothing for my feet.

Re: chronic plantar fasciitis

Ralph on 7/26/05 at 12:40 (179140)

I think we're beginning to learn that sometimes a tech. does the treatment. Sorry it didn't help you?