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ankle joint effusion

Posted by ChrisC on 7/22/05 at 16:58 (178859)

so had mri, found ankle effusion. anyone know if this could be attributed to problem with pf? dr. wants to do cortisone injection in ankle joint to relieve inflammation. mri showed old ligament tear healed over by scar tissue from old ankle sprains. also some inflamationa and tissue stress at pf. I am very frustrated! Has anyone had the ankle joint problem and do you know if it is related?

Re: ankle joint effusion

Rachael T. on 7/22/05 at 21:47 (178901)

I had cort. injs. into my ankle on the outside - I think near or for the peroneal tendon. This helped my ankle alot which in turn gave me more mobility in my ankle - thus, helping along my pf every so slowly - but probably did help the pf in the long term as well. This was probably 2 yrs. into my pf. Now, I am happily improved - wearing Birks & custom orth. w/ my Brooks - Thank Goodness! I wish you happier feet as well - & good ankles too!