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Surgery for Heel Spurs

Posted by marie C Ham on 7/23/05 at 22:16 (178963)

I have been in pain for over three years, I have tried everything one the market and still no relief.
Do I need to have the surgery?
I can hardly walk, even driving the car is painful, I am in pain all the time. Walking, standing and or sitting

Re: Surgery for Heel Spurs

Theresa on 7/24/05 at 17:52 (179004)

You may have a BAXTER'S NERVE ENTRAPMENT. If it hurts even when you're sitting then it could be a nerve entrapment/involvement. I'd find a doctor that knows something about that. Because I went through the same thing until a doctor starting pressing down on the side of my arch above the heel and I was like ouch !, ouch ! I hope you find out what is wrong. It took me 6 doctors and 15 months. I was SO DEPRESSED !! Does it burn? Tingle? My heel hurt and my arch tingled.

Re: Surgery for Heel Spurs

Terri D. on 7/25/05 at 11:06 (179043)

I was in pain for a year. I did all the usual treatments. I had surgery and have been doing well for about 5 years. I wear New Balance running shoes or hiking shoes, orthodics, and hardly ever walk barefoot. I did make a mistake and try out some different shoes for one hour. My heel is sore again.

Re: Surgery for Heel Spurs-Endoscopic Plantar Fasciectomy

Lionel L. on 7/26/05 at 07:08 (179093)

I had the plantar facia cut on both feet. As a result, one foot is doing ok so far. The other is in trouble. The foot is caving in because there is no plantar facia to keep it up or support it. I wear orthodics but my bad foot is still not doing well. I would not recommend the surgery for anyone with flat feet to begin with which was my case. Good Luck (email removed)