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Foot Solutions

Posted by Julia H on 7/23/05 at 23:52 (178972)

Going back through the history of threads on 'Shoes', I see that a store called Foot Solutions has come up a good number of times. For those who have gone this way, how much does Foot Solutions typically charge, and how much do you get for the money? Is there any money back guarantee if you use their products for a while with no perceived benefit?

I've found a Foot Solutions in the SF Bay Area with two (2) board certified peds. Didn't want to go if the inserts and shoes cost a lot though.

My main concern about buying shoes and arch supports separately is compatibility. I've tried the cheap arch supports you buy down at the local Walmart in my walking sneakers, and my feet still went to hell and back (No perceived benefit there)....

Re: Foot Solutions

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/24/05 at 09:14 (178977)

One of the problems, created in part by podiatrists who don't do there job, is that almost anyone can create an orhtotic. Now I know nothing about that store and they may by fine but I have constantly called for some organization to be created that provides basic standards for orthotic knowlwdge and production to the patient.

Re: Foot Solutions

Richard, C.Ped on 7/25/05 at 07:58 (179023)

Since there are no real standards of practice in the pedorthic community as of yet, anyone can go and get certified as a pedorthist. We have found this out in our area where people can get certified, but still maintain a below (way below in my opinion) average method of practice. Basically, just because you find a C.Ped, does not mean that you will get a quality product.

Re: Foot Solutions

Dr. Zuckerman on 7/26/05 at 08:38 (179104)

Would you give us your opinion on the MTB shoe?

Re: Foot Solutions-To Ed Davis, DPM

Mike on 7/26/05 at 10:18 (179115)


You would like to see an organization that has standards for orthotics. Try PFOLA.org Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Assoc., we've been around for awhile.


Re: Foot Solutions

Diana I on 7/26/05 at 11:45 (179129)

Richard - Is it necessary to see a podiatrist before going to the C. Ped?

Re: Foot Solutions

Richard, C.Ped on 7/26/05 at 12:39 (179139)

Hi Diana,
A pedorthist should only supply orthopedic footwear such as a custom orthosis, by prescription only. There are may out there that will do it without one, but in my humble opinion, that is diagnosing and treating a medical condition without a physicians licence.

We really do not work with DPM's around here that much. We work more with orthopedic surgeons and general practicioners.

To answer your question, you do not really need to see the doctor first, but a good C.Ped will tell you that you need to see the doc in order to have a prescription for any services.

Re: Foot Solutions

Richard, C.Ped on 7/26/05 at 12:42 (179143)

To be honest Dr. Z, I have never seen them up close and I do not know much about them.

Re: Foot Solutions

Diana I on 7/27/05 at 11:03 (179250)

Thank you, Richard. I am sure that my regular doctor will write the prescription. Now to find a good C. Ped. There are four within 60 miles of our area.

Re: Foot Solutions

Larry Huppin, DPM on 7/29/05 at 15:57 (179437)

I am relatively familiar with Foot Solutions. they are the largest franchisor of pedorthic type shoe stores in the US. But there is no guarentee of the level of experience between the stores. You may get someone with years of expererience or someone who has taken a 3-week course. Your best bet is probably to find a store in your area that has been around for years.