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Needless Suffering

Posted by Theresa on 7/24/05 at 17:46 (179003)

To those of you that answered my post about my Baxter's Nerve Entrapment. If your foot hurts even when you sit down and cannot stand it to be flat on the floor that is a sign you have a nerve entrapment or involvment. Also it makes the heel hurt just like PF. But its like the worse case of PF any doctor has ever heard of. Just isn't normal. I kept going to doctor after doctor. I got depressed, very depressed because even sitting at a desk at work I could hardly work. Had to carry around a stool and hang foot over it. I am scheduled for surgery Aug. 1st at Duke Medical Center. It started out with a monster case of PF. Could hardly walk then the burning/tingling sensation started about 6 months later. It's like a bad dream. My goal is to walk down the beach next summer and have nothing hurt.

Re: Needless Suffering

John H on 7/26/05 at 11:28 (179124)

Nerve entrapment is really hard to positively diagnose. As my Doctor noted he would not really know until he viewed the tarsal tunnel during surgery. I had all the various test for nerve entrapment and had a Baxter Procedure and Tarsal Tunnel Surgery. It did not cure my problem but I am glad I proceeded as it eliminated a possible cause of my pain. The Doctor did find a vericose vein in the tunnel which he removed but this was not the source of the problem. He said the surgery for nerve entrapment was my call. I made the call as I was being rolled into the surgical room. On crutches for two weeks and then back to walking in my shoes. Back to work on crutches on day three. No pain to speak of.

Re: Needless Suffering

M. Beck on 7/26/05 at 15:55 (179167)

John could you please elaborate on what the doctor did find during surgery. What nerve was entrapped etc. Your results sound dramatic and encouraging and I'd like to know what your doc did.

Re: Needless Suffering

swiss n on 8/29/05 at 16:48 (181369)

I was wondering if you could explain what you mean by flat on the floor. As I am sitting here my feet are resting on the floor and they hurt like crazy - if I pick them up and relieve any pressure on them the start to feel a little better - put them back down on the floor and they start to hurt again. Is this what you were talking about? what sort of tests did you have in order to figure this out?