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Confused about how to face recovery.

Posted by Pozzum_Grl on 7/24/05 at 22:02 (179011)

First, I want to show much gratitude for this website. I saw a Dr. last week and did not recieve nearly as much info. I am now in a lot more pain, because I was leaning on the front of my foot (kinda limping) so that I would put no pressure on my heal... Big mistake.

The Doctor said it seemed I stretched my achelias, but with the pain starting to spread on the bottom of my foot, I think I need to get a second opinion or see him again.

My question is about recovery. I've got the ice down but as far as stretching... Am I supposed to be stretching my calf and ankle while I am in this pain? Or is that something I need to focus on when I am better to avoid this experience again.

Any additional info you might have to offer is great, though I know there is already so much within this site.

Again, thank you.