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Recovery from Surgery

Posted by David B on 7/25/05 at 11:02 (179042)

Hi. I had TTS decompression surgery on 5th July and am just starting to put some weight onto my foot which is OK. However it hurts like hell afterwards , particularly at nights. Pain killers do not seem to be able to cope
Any advice please? David

Re: Recovery from Surgery

Mike on 7/25/05 at 13:03 (179053)

Where is the pain exactly? Is there swelling?
I had lots of swelling and severe pain in my calf after surgery which turned out to be a DVT (blood clot) talk about pain! My incisions didnt really hurt much at all.

Anyway, what type of pain killers are you taking? OTC probably wont do the trick however Percocet and Vicodan did wonders.

Elevation, elevation, elevation

Good luck!

Re: Recovery from Surgery

denise h on 7/25/05 at 16:11 (179062)

hey could you tell me how the surgery went im going to have it om aug 1st.was you put to sleep did you stay in the hospital? i just need to know general information about it .did you stay in a wheelchair or do you use crouches?

Re: Recovery from Surgery

RitaI on 7/26/05 at 00:13 (179086)

Hi David,

I had my surgery on June 30. Sounds as if you are doing great. Maybe you should ask your doctor about the pain pills. I took Ibuprofen 800mg. and
Percocet. I tried to stay ahead of my pain by watching the clock and taking the pills regularly. Have you tried that? I also wrap my foot with an ace bandage at night. Seems to help the pain.
Good luck with your recovery,

Do you know how long the recovery is for TTS surgery?

Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/26/05 at 04:44 (179090)

Thank you all so much for the messages which help
The pain is in the bottom of the foot and is a strong ache/burning, worse at night - i was told to expect some pain and recovery could take 3 months so maybe I am doing OK. No swelling and wound seems fine. Maybe i need to slow down but was told that mobilising was important after first week.
I have Cocodamol and Iburofen but had a stomach upset and stopped taking for two days ( Big mistake!). Not sure if Percocet and Vicodan available in UK but will check.
Dressing should come off tommorrow so will be able to use Ice - good idea?
What is an Ace bandage?
Anyone tried a foot spa?
Best wishes

Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/26/05 at 05:01 (179091)

Hi Denise
The OP was fine.Not sure if the technique is the same where you are but here in the UK it was Local Anaesthetic block behind the knee which took about a hour to work then 40 minutes for the operation. Take a walkman with some music! Cup of Tea and a rest then home in the back seat of the car.
No overnight stay in hospital , hospital gave me crutches which work OK but important to have someone to take care of you for at least a few days.
Anaesthetic lasted 24 hours and then pain killers worked well until i had a stomach upset and stopped taking them for 2 days.
Plan ahead before the OP : sleep as near as possible to the bathroom , plenty of reading material. Hope it goes well

Re: Recovery from Surgery

RitaI on 7/26/05 at 11:29 (179125)


An Ace bandage is an elastic type wrap that can be purchased at any drug store, Walmart, etc. It provides support that may help your foot. It can be washed and reused.

Concerning your upset stomach, my doctor told me to eat lots of yogurt. It worked! Plus I loved it!!

I was sent home from the hospital using ice - hour on and hour off. It really helped me. Also elevate your foot as much as possible.

I was allowed to take a bath after the first week but warned not to stay in but a few minutes. I would use caution with a foot spa or ask your doctor.

This message board is awesome. It's really good to be able to share ideas and talk with others in the same position.

Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.


Re: Recovery from Surgery

denise h on 7/26/05 at 14:15 (179155)

hi david i live in columbus ga and the closer it gets the scarerer i get .the doctor said he was going to schule when i come back which is this thursday so im not sure if it is friday or monday i dont know how long it takes them to set sombodys surgery after i go on thursday . i have a husband and a 7 year old and 12 year old that are getting ready to go back to school. how long has it been since you had youre surgery how long is recovery time?

Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/27/05 at 13:39 (179260)

Hi Denise
I live in UK had my OP in Norwich by a guy based in London. I believe he uses modern techiques practised by someone named Dellon fron your country. This is important to increase the chance of success.
Really don't worry about the op its not so bad. I had mine 5th July and am starting to feel good and get around although complete recovery will take many weeks. If it works I shall defo have the other foot done so that tells you its not so bad.
I don't know how your med system works but here I have the guys email/ cellphone and if i have any questions I ask - u must do the same its your foot !
Important you prepare at home as much as poss beforehand and defo have some help for at least a week or two.Take pain control seriously , lots of good stuff from other folks on this board.
Take care

Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/27/05 at 13:44 (179262)

Thanks for that Rita - I wish I had known the yogurt trick a week ago.
I believe u are a little ahead of me in the revcovery stakes - are you walking with crutches yet?
I have no problem putting weight on it but I know it will hurt afterwards - maybe I need to slow down.Good luck

Re: Recovery from Surgery

denise h on 7/27/05 at 13:54 (179263)

thanks david

Re: Recovery from Surgery

RitaI on 7/27/05 at 19:47 (179282)

Hi David,

I am walking with crutches and it's working well. Next week, I'll get to try without the crutches. My foot is healing beautifully. In fact I have been amazed! Sometimes it seems it gets better overnight.

Did you doctor tell you to put weight on your foot or did you do it on your own? Be careful. I was told that it takes weeks to completely recover. I probably have been more on the conservative side and stopped pushing myself. Don't do anything that might jeopardize your long term recovery.

Slow down a bit. Take care.


Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/28/05 at 02:00 (179298)

Hi Rita , delighted to hear that you are making progress. I am doing better now that I have the pain under control using Cold wraps every 2 hours.Are you still using Pain killers?
Saw my Doc yesterday who said important to mobilise as much as possible within the tolerable pain. I expect to keep my dear old crutches for a bit longer yet. Take care

Re: Recovery from Surgery

RitaI on 7/28/05 at 14:56 (179328)

I am not taking the pain killers regularly. There are times (especially at night) that I take one. They were making me feel really depressed and very emotional. I feel better without them.

What type of cold wraps are you using? Are they helping you?
How long were you advised to take off from work? Just interested.

God Bless!

Re: Recovery from Surgery

Lisa Mc on 7/28/05 at 21:04 (179347)

Hi Denise,
how are u feeling? not long now till you get your op done. I'm also in the UK like david as ive just read, but i didnt get the local block, perhaps because i was getting two procedures done ( TTS & CTS decompression). I had a really nice experience this time...no horrible post op blues afterwards but it was basically, got black pen marks on me just before going down to theatre ( obviously to remind them what they were doing, the pen which i cant get off even a week later :o) I was then wheeled down to anesthetic room knocked out, next thing was i was in recovery moaning how sore my foot was ( have very low pain threshold) before surgery the anesthetist told me he was going to give me a local anesthetic in my lower leg so i wouldnt feel the pain of the wound etc...think he forgot!! but pain didnt last long and i basically slept it off, which was great, i ended up staying in over night as i had went down to surgery later in the day than antisipated, the surgeon i think had wanted me to stay in any, whereas the nurses on the ward didnt look best pleased.....they like to get u in and out as quick as they can i think!! I got a great nights sleep without the kids bugging me. All in all i hope u do get the chance to stay in ( if u prefer) if not just make sure u get the chance to sleep it off if u feel u need to. Also remember that for the next 2 or more weeks, ur going to need more sleep than normal because ur body will be working hard to make new nerve cells and sew the skin together...ok going now, i'm sounding like my biology teacher!!
I really hope everything goes well, look forward to hearing from you when u'r recovering. Lisa xxxx

Re: Recovery from Surgery

Lisa Mc on 7/28/05 at 22:28 (179356)

Hi David, I just read ur post as i sit here recovering from TTs decompression on right side and CTS decompression on right side. I totally agree with you on the subject of the TTS hurting like hell afterwards, the moment i came round i felt like i had woken up in the middle of them still doing it, but a few injections of morphine later and i was happily sleeping again. My TTS is however fine now, how long did u say u were off your feet for completely? I was walking ( although on my heel to stop pulling anything) say 7-8 hours after the procedure ( had to walk to toilet as couldnt go pee on comode :o)
I had my surger done on 20th July and can walk quite freely now,but having a few probs with hand as i pulled the stitches ( sutures) and a faty lump popped through, but its sooooooo hard to keep it still and all everyone keeps telling me is to rest!!!! as you cab tell by my long post, i am also bored and fed up as i cant go to work. Only thing i have to look forward to is having all this to go through when i get my left side done.....sorry to write so much. Lisa xxxxx

Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/29/05 at 07:58 (179366)

Rita - my foot wraps are very simple things which we place in the freezer to cool and then wrap around the foot. For me they kill the pain , you can see them at http://www.drfoot.co.uk/acatalog/Foot_Wrap , they are expensive for some bits of gel filled plastic but I love 'em !
So far as being off work is concerned my Doc did not give me any firm guidance , i rather thought I would be running about after a couple of weeks - Big Mistake running will take a while yet.Fortunately i work for myself and my business partner is bringing work to my home
After 3.5 weeks i am down to one crutch.
I have a bit of swelling and pain but am very reluctant to go back to the painkillers. Go steady !

Re: Recovery from Surgery

David B on 7/29/05 at 08:09 (179368)

Hi Lisa - you are doing very well to be walking so soon . My op was July 5th and I have only just got down to one crutch. Sorry about the boredom , send me an email and we can compare scars! ((email removed))
I am lucky to be able to work from home which helps the boredom factor , daytime TV is so bad its obiviously organised by HM Gov to make sure we all go to work.
Is it very unusual to have both TTS and CTS? How long have you been suffering?
Where was the op carried out? mine was in Norwich. Take care D x

Re: Recovery from Surgery

Lisa Mc on 7/30/05 at 14:17 (179487)

Hi David, i have also replied to ur email address, but i thought that i would answer ur questions in the forum as it might help someone else at some point. Oh i did mean to say that ur exactly right about daytime TV, ive even got sky so ive got about 999 channels of complete rubbish!

With regards to having both TTS and CPS, i am not sure if its unusual to have both. Infact for years i didnt know what TTS was, only that it was getting gradually worse. The CPS started when i was pregnant then went away, and about a year ago started up again and didnt go away only got worse, to the point i just wanted to chop my hand off to stop the pain.

I'd been suffering badly for about a year with both complaints before i had the op done. It was done in the local hospital which is about 20 miles away and its called the Borders General Hospital as i live in the Scottish Borders.

Do you think that maybe i am doing things abit too fast?? i mean, if you are just down to one crutch and i'm not even using mine, perhaps i should be? Am i risking ruining the operation because i am maybe moving things faster? I know that my symptoms in my hand arent completely away at the moment, something i will have to look in to on another site i guess. I just dont know what to do for the best. anyone any suggestions....and dont say 'shut up' :o)
Lisa xxxx

Re: Recovery from Surgery

RitaI on 7/31/05 at 21:37 (179584)

Hi David,

Glad to hear you are doing better. You're right about running. It's a long way off for me. I am getting around without crutches but I tire very easily. It's been 31 days so far. I believe I had my surgery 5 days before yours. I work for the school district as a literacy coach. School begins on August 8. I am really worried about going back to work. Not sure if I'm ready or not. My job requires a great deal of walking - all over the school, classroom to classroom, etc. I go back to dr. on Tuesday. Guess I will wait and see what he says.

Take care.


Re: Recovery from Surgery

Brenda S. on 8/02/05 at 11:21 (179734)

How did your surgery go? I will hopefully have my tts surgery in Sept.