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Ultrasound therapathy

Posted by Mary E on 7/26/05 at 15:31 (179166)

I have had ultrasound message which seemed to help my heel pain. Going to a Chiropractor three or more times a week is costly and time consumming. I thought of buying a unit for home use but don't know how big of an unit to buy. There are portable units with 1 to 3 MHZ, would units like this work?

Re: Ultrasound therapathy

Mike C. on 7/29/05 at 11:49 (179397)

I have the exact same question as you do. I can purchase an ultra sound unit with a Output Frequency of 1.0Mhz, and use if for my heel problem, (plantar fascia). However, I did not want to waste my time or money if it would do no good. So, I wanted to know if I should buy the unit and how should I use it and for how long, and how often. Please let me know if you have the answers. Thanks
Mike C. 800 378-7905