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stainless steel orthotics

Posted by bayoffundy on 7/26/05 at 20:46 (179189)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel orthotics? How can I determine whether I truly need them or whether it is just a way to put the podiatrist's kids through school? (no offense meant)

Re: stainless steel orthotics

Dr. Z on 7/26/05 at 21:10 (179192)

steel??. That is a very old material for orthosis. The cost of steel shouldn't be any more then the cost of plastic or cork/leather. Stay away from steel. Much too hard

Re: stainless steel orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 7/27/05 at 13:33 (179259)

I saw some steel orthotics the other day. The patient stated that he was thinking about forming them into a Ninja throwing orthosis to be used as self defense.

Re: stainless steel orthotics

Larry Huppin, DPM on 7/29/05 at 16:22 (179440)

What type of facility if offering you stainless steel orthotics? I thought these devices would be found only in a museum. As for ensuring that you need orthoses, just do your homework. Get 2nd opinions, talk to friends that have orthotics and are happy with their practitioner. Try a good prefabricated orthotic (don't spend more than $50.00 max) and see how you do. If that takes care of the problem, maybe you don't need a custom. If not, move on.