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Posted by Ellen R. on 7/26/05 at 21:51 (179199)

My doctor did not encourage me to exercise when I was diagnosed late June with PF. I need to be active and to walk, ride my bike, go to yoga, etc. Does anyone have a specific routine for getting back into an active lifestyle? Or is this a trial and error type of recovery?

Re: exercise

DavidW on 7/27/05 at 18:43 (179277)

Ellen, when my foot pain was at its worst, I found both weight training (sitting) and rowing to be very beneficial to both my body and my mind. Neither of these activities are harmful to the feet. Many on this board have tried swimming as well.

I also find that total body stretching and yoga are quite satisfying as well. It just feels good to do something for yourself.

If you are going to do anything on your feet, just start very slowly, and increase in very small intervals. Let pain guide your activity levels.

Re: exercise

Annette on 7/28/05 at 20:28 (179340)

I weight train, Kayak, water run, bike ride and swim. I go through phases
with each sport, right now I am really into mountian bike riding two weeks ago, I was water running and swimming a lot. As long as I do one activity each day I am happy, although I still miss my running but that routine is out until my foot ever heals.