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Posted by JLEVY on 7/26/05 at 22:19 (179205)

oK,I've had the surgeru for plantar fasciitis, 9 years ago. Prior tothat i endured 2 years of Therapy, iceing, stretching, night splints, Nsaids, massages,custom made orthotics, special expensive shoes, inserts, rest, and injections. I had minimal relief after recovering from surgery. I had only TRUE relief during pregnancy and for about 2 years after. Now, I am experiencing more and more stiffness in the morning , (really bad) and thruout the day if I sit for a short while. I am constantly stretching my feet and feeling the stiffness. I don't take medications because my expereince is that it really doesn't help. What does help sometimes is a muscle relaxer but, I don't like to take those on a regular basis because the recovery time is too long (It takes a while to have a clear head again and they can be habit forming). I've changed shoes, I use cushion inserts, I rub my feet and legs with rubbing alcohol, (my 79 yr. father swears it's good for anything), I soak my feet and get regular pedicures (for the massage part of it) and still I have extreme stiffness and this is annoying. Are there any new treatments on the market or on the horizon that might help me?


Dr. Z on 7/27/05 at 00:29 (179214)

It would be important to determine the reason for this stiffness. Are we talking about one foot? Any problems with your Achilles tendon, ankle joint. An examination will be the next step. You could also have a shorteness of the achilles tendon. Maybe Dr. Castro an orthopedic surgeon would explain how this might contribute to your morning stiffness if this is what you have. Feel free to ask any questoins