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Im terrified!!!!!!!

Posted by Kay on 7/27/05 at 15:09 (179267)

I am having surgery in August for TTS, Nuroma and Planters Fertitus. I am having one foot done and then the other foot done 1 month later. I have 3 kids and a husband. How does anyone cope with this. I go to work and do EVERYTHING at home by myself. My husband does not cook, clean etc.What do I do? Also will I be put to sleep, how much pain do I expect, and will I be at work into months. I stand on a hard cement for all day? Can anyone tell me please what to do or expect? Thank you.

Re: Im terrified!!!!!!!

Geri on 7/27/05 at 20:54 (179284)

Kay: I suggest you make up a few casseroles, spagetti sauce, and chile, and put them in the freezer. This surgery will take over your life the first 3-6 months. Having the second foot done in 1 month is very ambitious. I was off my feet so much the first year that the second foot quit hurting and I had nothing done to it. Everytime I overdid walking,(I mean in the house)I had very bad pain and was back in the wc or on crutches. Then after resting for a few days I was back walking.
Take your pain meds on a schedule, every 4 hours or however they are prescribed, otherwise you cannot get rid of the pain. Keep your leg elevated and follow your Doctor's orders as to activity. You need to have crutches available and practice with them before surgery. A wheelchair is invaluable if you can get one. I borrowed one in my neighborhood and it was great to get around in the house. You need help when you come home for several days. You need books, a radio or tv, as the lying around gets a little boring. I understand being terrified as I was also. If you have any more questions do not hesitate asking. Surgery is not the only option.
Compression socks help some, and complete rest of the foot has helped others. I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.

Re: Im terrified!!!!!!!

Kathy G on 7/28/05 at 08:57 (179313)


I don't know anything about the surgery and I hope that you've gotten a second opinion. I am so sorry that you are so apprehensive.

You should discuss all your concerns about post-operative recuperation with your surgeon, NOW, before the surgery. And then you should sit down with your husband and children and explain to them exactly what you are having done and what your limitations will be and exactly what they will have to do to help you around the house. I don't know how old your children are but even young children can fold a wash, make a sandwich, dust. Actually, it's amazing how willing they are to help if they're called upon.

If they can't help, do you have a sister or close friend who would be willing to come over occasionally and give you a hand? Don't hesitate to ask for help. It's hard to do but remember that if the tables were turned, you'd help your friends. Does your community have a Community Nursing Association who could send in a homemarker's aide a few days a week to help you out?

Geri made some great suggestions. Definitely use a wheelchair when you can because crutches I understand it's nice to get a break from crutches. (I don't speak from personal experience; just have cared for people using crutches.) And be sure you have a PT or similarly trained person who can teach you the proper way to use crutches. You don't want to end up with sore shoulders from them. My dad got to be a pro on them when he was in his early sixties and broke his ankle but he never could have done it if someone hadn't taught him how to go up and down stairs, etc.

As for food, Geri's right about casseroles and don't forget that if the budget allows, having pizza more than usual isn't going to kill your family and if you can buy prepared salad and throw in some extra fresh veggies, it's not a bad dinner.

Good luck to you and keep us posted! We care about you. And don't hesitate to come over to the Social Board while you're rehabilitating for some empathy and kindness. That's what we're there for!

Re: Im terrified!!!!!!!

John H on 7/28/05 at 10:15 (179319)

Kay: read my post to Dr. Ed. It is not as bad as it sounds. I had three surgeries at once. I was put to sleep and home a few hours after surgery. All husbands can cook and clean if they have to. That is part of my job description and marriage vows. 'To cook, clean, vacume, make the beds, clean the litter box, provide money, mow the yard and obey'.

Re: Im terrified!!!!!!!

Dr. Zuckerman on 7/28/05 at 10:41 (179321)

Good posting !!!

Re: Im terrified!!!!!!!

Terry L on 7/30/05 at 09:49 (179479)

And just were do you think these men come from??? Very far and few between in this area maybe that's were the angels are suppose drop out of the sky.
Terry L