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Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Posted by Ralph on 7/27/05 at 15:45 (179270)

Several people have posted that after no relief in pain they were sent to pain clinics where then receive a variety of treatments from stronger meds to anesthetic type blocks. There is probably a medical name given to the anesthetic blocks but not knowing it I'm simply giving them this name.

Cryosurgery/therapy as I found out by asking questions freezed part of a nerve.

Does anyone know how theses two treatments would compare in pain control and would one have a longer effect than the other?

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/27/05 at 21:15 (179287)

The longest acting local anesthetic is Marcsine which lasts about 6 to 7 hours with some residual effect for 12 hours. it does not damage the nerve like cryo so its effect may seem stronger but with a substantially shorter duration.

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Ralph on 7/27/05 at 21:49 (179291)

Thanks for the reply Dr. Ed. For my back pain my doctor mentioned getting a nerve block at a pain clinic. I was under the impression that it would last a lot longer. I don't know if they do it blind or use ultra sound or xray to get the needle in the right location.

I was going to ask him about cryotherapy, the freezing, but wondered if one treatment lasted longer than the other. I don't even know if cryotherapy can be used, but after learning more about it here I'm going to ask him.

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Dr. Z on 7/27/05 at 22:30 (179296)

It the nerve block helps you. Ask your pain managment doctor about RFL. This could last longer

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

John H on 7/28/05 at 10:03 (179317)

Ed: When I had foot surgery the surgeon advised me he was going to give some increased longr acting anesthetic for the nerve blocks so my foot would probably not begin to hurt for at least 8 hours. He was right. Even though I had three different surgeries on the same foot (Cheilectomy on great toe, tarsal tunnel surgery. and a Baxter nerve release) I really never was in great or even moderate pain. I kept my foot eleveated, used ice, used and a walker for the first two days and was on crutches and back to work in 4 days. It took some weeks for the swelling to subside. This was mostly from the Cheilectomy. I think the three surgeries took no more than 35-40 minutes and I went home on crutches.

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Dr. Zuckerman on 7/28/05 at 10:42 (179322)

John H
Very few patient react so well toward pain like you. You are the man.

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Elyse B on 7/28/05 at 14:57 (179329)

Dr. Z. what is RFL, not sure how to google that. Thanks.

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Dr. Zuckerman on 7/28/05 at 15:12 (179332)

... Radio Frequency Lesion

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Monte on 7/28/05 at 15:53 (179334)

Elyse...I can tell you about RFL...I had it performed a few times.....Pretty decent results too.


Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Elyse B on 7/28/05 at 16:23 (179335)

thanks Monte, let me do some reading on it. I think I am hanging in with doing nothing for the present treatment wise. Need a break from night splints, ART, orthotics and PT for a bit. It has been since March 2004 since diagnosis and the pain is definitely at a tolerable level. I just like to keep up and see what I may or may not need for the future.

Re: Cryosurgery vs Anesthetic blocks

Terry L on 7/30/05 at 09:40 (179478)

I have also had RFL twice however it was pulsed radio frequency. My understanding is that this doesn't burn the nerves at a high temp. It scrambles the nerves instead, I got very good relief for 2 months which was wonderful for me. I have PF plus RSD so anything that gave me relief that long was like heaven. I am planning to try SCS.
Terry L