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how long to recover from surgery

Posted by good29 on 7/27/05 at 22:03 (179292)

I had PF surgery and a bone spur removal about five weeks ago. I wore a boot cast for about a week and then went to a soft shoe, but actually felt better in my regular shoes. Anyway, I have been pretty active since, but the pain seems to be getting worse (or at least not better). Can you overdo it or does it just take time to heal and it doesn't really matter how much you are on your foot.

Re: how long to recover from surgery

Orfie on 7/28/05 at 15:07 (179330)

I had the same surgery back in May and I still feel soreness is I walk too much. My doctor told me that it will take six months to a year to be pain free. Limit your walking, stretch and ice. Remember, it looks healed from the outside but it will take a long while to heal from the inside. I start my physical therapy next week. I hope my pains go away with it. Good luck and hang in there.

Re: how long to recover from surgery

Heather C on 8/06/05 at 23:02 (180164)

They said 1 to 6 weeks it all depends I had a tailors bunion removed as well, subposely I should be able to just walk with a soft boot....however I am currently using crutches...it is day 4

Re: how long to recover from surgery

denise h on 8/12/05 at 04:06 (180422)

to heather, hi this this denise so how was youre surgery? mine is svhuled for aug17th.