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Posted by Scott R on 7/28/05 at 08:04 (179307)

OK Elyse, I've seen too many disgruntled posters against you. I have been shown several posts of yours that crossed my 'be nice' line. It's not just Dr Ed anymore so I can't blame it on a 'personality' difference. So, this is a warning: be nice and don't get in fights. The penalty is getting blocked from viewing or replying to posts. Anyone who picks a fight with her to try to get her blocked may also be banned. Also, since you're annoying the doctors who are kind enough to post here, don't post to the ask the doctor's board or mention them in other boards. And since you don't seem to have anything to contribute to the ESWT discussion, don't post in the ESWT board. That board has been blessed with a lot of knowledgeable people both for and against it and you're detracting against it.

The reputation of the person claiming another is 'not nice' is also considered. The pot calls the kettle black around here a lot. One third of the people complaining about Elyse are guilty of greater offenses to the message board.

Dorothy, as I have said and as you know, I do not read the message board. You have to point out posts when people are not nice.

In response to various comments from various people, the message board is less valuable because I value the freedom of speech of ignoramouses and mean people almost as much as the nice and intelligent people who are often pushed away from the board.