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Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

Posted by Tina H on 7/28/05 at 18:19 (179336)

Hi! Don't know if you tw are checking the boards but I wanted to thank you for the doctor reccomendation you gave me in Pittsburgh. As you might recall we've been through 2 orthopedists in the last 8 months, tried casting, 2 sets of orthotics, and almost everything else. I now feel like we are getting the time and attention my daughter deserves thanks to you two! She finally had a MRI done this week which the doctor arranged as a courtesy since our insurance wouldn't cover the facility where he wanted it done. He even took the time to call with the results even though he was on vacation for the week. I can assure you this would have never happened with the orthopedists! No abnormalities on the MRI so apparently she is the first 14 year old he has seen with PF. I'm not sure if he'll suggest anything new that we aren't already trying but at least we have a definitive diagnosis and someone seems willing to put sometime into trouble shooting! So thanks again, it was a huge help! Tina

Re: Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

Dr. Z on 7/28/05 at 20:10 (179339)

Glad you are getting the care you have been looking for. I just had an interesting chronic plantar fasciosis case that was referred to me from Tenn. She had ESWT both on both feet and is doing very well. She was 15 years old high school star basketball player. Here growth plates were completely closed so ESWT was her next step . She was told surgery was her only option at this stage.

Re: Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

Dr. Wishnie on 7/28/05 at 20:37 (179341)

Dear Tina:

You made my day. I am glad she is getting better. Dr. Wishnie

Re: Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

Tina H on 7/28/05 at 21:11 (179349)

Hello Dr. Z- That's encouraging about your 15 year old patient. Were both of her feet done at the same time? Shock wave therapy is in the back of my mind as a last resort, but I want to make sure we exhaust all conservative measures first and now having a new doctor I feel less like a one man show trying to cure this. We are doing lots of things at once, PT, night splints, taping, LED, ibuprofen cream, icing, gentle massage etc. I've made a chart for her to record everthing that's done each day, and rating the pain. The thing that's so annoying about PF is she has some good days where she can even play a little field hockey but then there are days where she can't do anything. Trying to help her see a pattern. I'm sure you know how teenagers are, sometimes she's really good about stretching 3X/day, wearing the splints etc and sometimes she's not. I'm hoping the chart will show us a pattern and at the very least when we go back to the DR in Sept he will have a detailed analysis of what we've been doing. I might check back with you in a few months to see if that 15 year old is still doing well. Thanks! Tina

Re: Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

Tina H on 7/28/05 at 21:12 (179350)

Dr. Wishnie- She's not getting better but at least I don't feel like we're all alone fighting this thing. It's good to have a medical professional working with you for a solution. Hopefully we'll get there sometime! Thanks again, Tina

Re: Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

Dr. Z on 7/28/05 at 21:55 (179353)

Yes it was both feet. Basketball, Basketball Basketball. This patient had already had ACL tear in one knee. This was one serious player. Will keep you updated

Re: Thanks to Elliot and Dr. Wishnie

John H on 7/29/05 at 10:22 (179378)

I have had ESWT on both feet three times. No problem with doing both feet at the same time and hopefully less expensive??? Dr. Z did all three.